What do I need ?

Hello, I just downloaded Blender because I needed to start learning about 3d and 2d animation, so just to start I wanted to ask you guys if you prefer any programs, and any kind of help that can get me to start drawing stuff on the computer like this.



Is Inkscape good.

no it sucks, what the hell did you want us to say?

try out your self! and it sure aint bad.

Inkscape has come a long way. It’s still got some problems, as evidenced by the fact it isn’t at v1.0 yet. I feel it’s in than some of the others I’ve tried like sodipodi, etc.

It is cross-platform, free, and if you’ve never used a vector art program, the techniques you learn will apply to any other vector program, which is a very good skill.

If you are using Illustrator or something like that at school, there are some differences that may be a bit frustrating, but it is free after all.

Every so often, different versions of Canvas have appeared on some of the FuturePublication magazine+disc combos (Digit, PCPlus, etc). The latest I have is version 8, and I like it a bit better than Inkscape, though still crash-prone. If Inkscape had been at its current level before I got Canvas, I might not have bothered learning Canvas though.