What do I use to capture a movie?

If I want to capture a movie off a DVD and add it to my computer (like not the menus but the actual movie) what software would I use? Or how would I go about it in general?

I’m intending to rearrange some clips from this movie for a practice video editing project/funny short:)

You can use MPlayer/Mencoder to rip the DVD’s to other formats. Search the web for ‘mplayer dvd to avi’ or something similar for instructions.

Maybe I should make a new thread about this but do anyone know any good, free screen recorder so you can make video tutorials and stuff?

I know it’s thread hiijacking but I felt it had some relevance.

to record a DVD usually involved ‘re-encoding’ it into a different format, hence you’ll need more than just a screen grabber since not many computer can capture a full screen motion picture at realtime. Try search for a “DVD ripper” in google.

Robin, there are a few that allows you to capture screens, “Windows Media Encoder 9”(saves to WMV), “CamStudio”(saves to AVI?), “FRAP”(used to capture 3d applications including blender) comes to mind. Assuming you are using Windows…

I did a quick search on dogpile and found these:

If you are using windows then this one looks good:

If you are using mac then this one looks good:

the windows one makes the file an avi and the mac one makes it an mpeg4. Hope that helps.

Also if you want a good free burner for windows then this one is pretty good:

Thanks, but I already tried Windows media encoder (I just got it working to capture my web cam), I’ve tested Frap too and I can only record 30 seconds if I don’t pay and then I guess there’s only Camstudio left.

Appearently it was Fraps I thought of not Frap but we may be thinking of the same program. I couldn’t find any link to frap either.

Frontcam is excellent imho:) Suits any needs I have. (well, it can’t capture dvds in realtime of course;))

For DVD: If you can still find it, DVD Shrink is great. (Tho for non-encrypted content, mplayer/mencoder is much nicer. See this forum thread for more handy info.)

For screen capture you could try Wink.