What do I want from 2.40

I’m lookin’ forward for INTEGRAYED bridge tool and simetrical editing like in ZBRUSH or MODO. I’ve been waitin’ for it in this relise, but unfortunally there’s no anything like that.

(Title edited by mod. Hey, The next version will be 2.4, enjoy!)

But still blender is the only editor i can work with .))) Great job .)))

I thought the push / pull tool was what I needed, but it wasn’t. It would be nice if there was a tool that could move faces to the madian point without resizing the actual faces. It would be a scale tool that doesn’t scale the faces, just their distance from the median.

On that note, can anyone explain why it is that the push/pull tool was even included? It seems exactly like the scale tool. I read the release notes and it doesn’t really seem to explain it in there…

It would be nice if there was a little more documentation for the features that were added in this past release instead of even more undocumented ones :wink: (yes, ‘undocumented’ is an overstatement ;)) I would like to thank the coders and contributers that took the time to include the current doc with the current release. I was actually able to do some things with softbodies…:slight_smile:

wow, 2.37 just came out, give the coders a break!

Can’t this be done already using a linked duplicate of your mesh (Alt-D) thats mirrored? Been workin’ for me. Then, just join (Ctrl-J) the two halves back together and remove doubles and re-align normals (Crtrl-N). The process can be done repeatedly by simply deleting half the vertices and dupli-linking/mirroring again… rejoin the halves when ready/done…

or did I miss something?

dante: you’re gonna have to 'splain what you mean on the scale thing. What “median” do you refer to? Do you mean move/scale along the face normal?

The distance elements moves using the scale tool is proportional to their distance to the center of the transformation. Using Push/Pull, that distance is constant throughout all the elements.

I thought the video was rather clear with that: https://blenderartists.org/~theeth/bf/push_pull.htm
Doing the same thing with scale makes the “steps” wider as you scale up and thiner as you scale down.

Hope that shed some light.


I dream of a release in which I won’t have problems with the GE… I know it’s hard to work on the GE… but… but… it’s so sad to see that it was released in such a manner as it is in this 2.37 release… I am sad… :frowning:

great work on other things still :slight_smile:

Thanks theeth. I watched the video but it was still unclear to me. I guess I’m slow :frowning: Thanks for the help though.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I cleaned up/wrote the softbody doc, and wrote the tutorial section. I didn’t have time for a lot of screenshots, but hopefully it was clear enough :slight_smile: also tuxbot’s video tutorials are great!

oh, i want a couple things, that are very simple, but can do a lot for me/us…i want the snap tools where u can snap one vertex to another without going through the whole 3d cursor thing…i would love that…and there’s this thing in lightwave where u can select a bunch of points that aren’t on the same axis, and u can select them all and say align them all on the Y axis, like when ur modeling a face, and ur only doing half of it, but ur points in the middle of the Y axis aren’t aligned to the Y axis, and when u mirror the face, some of the points don’t merge correctly, so there are spaces in the middle of the mirrored faces…hmmm…if only there was a tool where u type in what kinda feature u want and it generates a plugin for it…i guess we gotta wait for 2.39…

ya the snap tool would be good as well as an align tool

for me more poly tools would ge great like bridge, subdiv a face with automatic ngone creation, remove loop, paint subdiv tool like in maya

i realy would be happy with more light shader models for velvet and anisotropic specular and other.

also some more proceduals would be great.


Can’t this be done already using a linked duplicate of your mesh (Alt-D) thats mirrored? Been workin’ for me.[/quote]

Yes, that’s already a kind of symetrical editing.
The only small change I would like to see to that, is that when you edit one half, the other half vertices won’t appear. (when I edit something subsurfed, it’s hard to see clearly what I’m doing because of the mesh that makes the view confusing, so if one half could remain without the vertices being visible - but still being edited - that would be great. )

I would say, try to learn all new things as much as possible before trying to demand new features for next release from the developers :-?

I don’t think no one has a grasp of all features inside Blender, it is loaded with them. 8)

Here’s the same video but with scaling: https://blenderartists.org/~theeth/bf/scale.htm
See how the circles gets farther from each other as I zoom up and closer together as I zoom down? Then compare with the push/pull video.


Have you tried the new Minnaert shader for velvet?

there’s a tool that i really like in wings called ‘intrude’. now that the transform code has been rewritten, maybe this would be easy to do, maybe not, but this is what the intrude tool does.:
first you select one or more faces, or groupings of faces, then when you go into intrude mode, it basically reads the selected faces as what will become openings in the mesh wall, and then it gives the wall a thickness. maybe i should make a visual example.

I don’t demand much :slight_smile: But I would like a normal extrude that works like it should. Try this, to see what I mean - create a UV-sphere. Select a 360 faceloop (That is, going all the way around). Extrude>region. That can’t be intended behaviour(?) Example:
And, I think this is the 3rd time I’m asking or this, but I’m hoping to wear the devs down :wink: —> Inset scale. It is such a useful tool, for everything from organic modeling, to architecture. And it should work, like the extrude, on both individual faces and regions.

i would like to see DPI settings :stuck_out_tongue:


what you want can be achieved by extruding, then by scaling (with or without) constraints.

Isnt it in this release? There was someone (dunno if it was a coder) who did a post/poll in this forum to see how many people would actually like it in there (along with measurement tools for modelling). Maybe it was a dream. Would have been cool though.