What do the render window stats mean?

Hello all, I’ve been using Blender for a long time but I can not for the life of me figure out or find something that tells me what all the stats that display while rendering an image mean.

For instance:
“Fra:20 Mem:766.00M (0.10M, peak 867.97M) Sce: Scene Ve:1454326 Fa:2225352 Ha:1138 La:2”

I know that Fra is frame, Mem is memory but what is the difference between the one in brackets. Why are there three numbers? I get that peak is a the most that has been used, but what are the other two referring to specifically?

Also Ve and Fa are fairly self explanatory - my total vertices and faces. I’m guessing La is lamps. What is Ha?

I too can’t figure out what that Ha is. I thought La was layers but it defenitely is Lamps, very good.


I poked about in source to try and find out, Im not source code guru so I can’t say for sure that any of this info is right but:

HA field: Looks like it stands in for the Number of Halo objects in scene.

The first number in Memory ( ) fields is the amount of mmap memory being used, its sort of a shared memory. The peak memory is the normal memory + the mmap + other memory (I think be I am not certain), that gives the total amount of maximum memory used to produce the render.

Below are the functions that got the info from source, maybe you can get more info but its all over my head to take it any further sorry.

mem_in_use= MEM_get_memory_in_use();
mmap_in_use= MEM_get_mapped_memory_in_use();
peak_memory = MEM_get_peak_memory();