What do ya' think?(game)

Ok, I got a game idea, and I just wanted a second opinion on my game. So here goes nothing: one day Vivo the fox (yes, my user name is named after him(:)) came down to a Halolo ice cream shop ( Halolo is the name of the city) and walks straight into a disaster waiting to happen.“Vivo, could you please help”, asks professer Hallo (fox also) . " You see this huge half robot-half rat has kiddnaped my daughter, and he promises I’ll never see my daughter again unless I give up my cloning device ( so he could clne his troops, and take over the world)", he continued. Vivo agrees to save his daughter. But a hampster name Ham interupts and says" I’ll help to"! (Man, this hampster is huge!(:eek:) So Vivo and his new friend set out on their new adventure. (sorry it’s so long)


Sound interesting, but don’t you think that it’s a bit premature to already be posting about it?

Well before I made my game I just wanted to ask somebody just so I’m not making a stupid game.

And thanks for replying.

Sounds like it could be good. I guess I’d have to see more about it before I could really tell you though.

Umm… the game isn’t stupid if you don’t think so. Unless you’re planning to sell your game to people, I would worry less about whether or not they think the game is stupid.

:DRule of thumb. If you’re doing it for fun, work on something that you would like because that alone is worth will provide you with more motivation to finish than any of our approval or help.

Sounds like a pretty good introduction so far. Has the basic hero comes to save the princess, from an evil villian planning to take over the world type of plot.

Jason Lin

sounds cool now get working on it so we can play it :wink:

It’s a good story start, but as far as a game, you need to come up with mechanics, goals, ect. For example, is this a puzzle game, a platform game, a shooter? Or is it something that can’t be described simply. You sound like you are enthusiastic about this game, so really put the time into it, and you may make something great! It’s all about having the passion, everything else can be learned, but passion cannot, no matter what other skills a person may have. So you already have the most important skill to make this game! Go for it!

Wat I mean by stupid is noobish.

And the game whould be a 3d platformer. I’ll try to get it done by next summer. (Keep you posted)

Well, the daughter of the proffeser is’nt any princess or anything of that nature, see just a regular person. But the plot is more about the proffeser, and she just happens to get kiddnaped.(Answer to goldentaiji’s question)

And the plot is more hand it over pops or you’ll never see your daughter again. In other words it isn’t the same old plot as Mario games are, it’s more like the rat wants what he wants and so he uses this tatic (stealing his daughter) to get what he wants.

Vivo, please try to fit everything you want to say into one reply, thanks. There’s no need to post four times when you could have posted only once.

Hi Vivo,

how is your game doing? Are you doing some progress?
Would be nice hearing from you. :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting :cool: