What do you consider to be a "Blender Game"?

There has been a growing number of external game engines that are starting to read blend files (or data exported from blender). A well known example would be Erwin’s Irrlicht+Bullet+readblend engine.

So what would you consider to be a blender game? Does it need to use blender’s binary in order to be called a “blender game”. Would it be considered a blender game if the game stores data in a blend file but runs on a different game engine? Would you consider the game “a blender game” if the blend data was exported to a different file format and used in an external engine?

At first, this might seem like an unimportant topic. However, the Works in Progress section of the forum says that only “blender games” are allowed. This is also important for contests. What can and can’t be entered in (future) BGE competitions?

Personally, I would love to see more external engines using .blend files and/or blender itself. However, with more external engines being able to read blend data, this definition of a “blender game” becomes unclear…

In my opinion, a game created in the Blender editor is a “Blender Game.” Generally, I wouldn’t consider it a Blender Game if the other engine were to translate it and save it in a different format. Then I would call it an “exported game.” But a game which exists in the .blend format as Blender saves it is a Blender Game to me, no matter what engine is interpreting it in real time.

A JPEG is a JPEG no matter what image viewer you use to view it. A JPEG stops being a JPEG when you convert it to a PNG.

I agree with blendenzo. You could either use blender as an engine, or just use it as a utility. If you use it as the engine, it is a blender game…IMO

In the past, that forum has been exclusive to games which are played in the BGE. However, if the trend of using external engines continues, we could consider reforming that policy.

How many people would be interested in posting non-BGE games? Let’s take a tally.

I think that would be fine but they would at least require using blender in some aspect and it may be a good idea to segregate them from the BGE games. Perhaps a sub forum for external engine games?

I would say that a blender game would be a game that runs in the blender internal engine and was programmed with blender(that would include python). All the models and animations and everything else can be made in a different program. But blender would have to do the actual ‘game’ stuff.
edit: Then again, for a contest, everything should be made in blender…except for stuff like photoshop or gimp.

A Blender Game Engine competition should not include games that run in any other game engine.
If a game was made in blender, I would call it a blender game.

I’d definitely consider games that use .blend files “Blender Games,” though I don’t know about lumping them all into one category.

If we were talking about posting other engines, I’d prefer it to have another forum. Maybe something like “External Game Engine Support,” or something. Posting those games in WIP seems to be fine though.

However, external game engines are… external game engines. You don’t call any games “3dsMax” games just because that’s what they used for modeling. It’d be cool if the Blender format was in more widespread use though.


Heh heh… another forum…
Very optimistic thinking, guys.

I’ve been waiting to have the Finished Games forum set up for… oh… about six months I think?

Duly noted, anyway.

ew I don’t like that, let’s keep this blender game engine only

I think it’s wise to focus on what BGE is capable of by making it the only engine that exists here. I mean everyone knows that there are a lot of engines out there. And they each probably have a forum of their own somewhere. I just don’t see the point in having a CryEngine2 mod or something on this forum because someone modeled a helmet in blender and textured it in Max.

“Here is a Crysis mod. I did 90% of everything in Max, and it doesn’t use the blender game engine, but I prefer blender’s low poly modeling tools. Enjoy”


I think there is a difference between a “Blender Game” and a “Blender Game Engine Game”. A “Blender Game” would have to be developed in blender. All of the models, UV mapping, even Materials, done in blender, or a program specifically for the game, using blender formats. The Game itself could run in an external engine, but I would limit it to open source ones, because a closed source game just doesn’t follow the spirit of blender.

The being said, we refer to a “Blender Game” as a game made using Blender and running in the BGE. Yo Frankie wasn’t a blender game until it ran natively in our engine. It was a Crystal Space game before that. By using “Blender Game” to describe games made with the BGE we discourage external engines, which increases the user base of the BGE, and the number of Devs working on it. External engines will have their own support forums.

I say a “Blender Game” is a title exclusive to games running in the BGE or other engines designed exclusively for blender.