What do you do to relax?

Man, I have been so stressed lately, with things in my personal life, school, even blender projects (mostly because I can never do them in peace and quiet, but rather with 2 or 3 children running around screaming), and it’s been really hard to relax. Right now I’m loading up counter-strike to give myself a break.

It made me wonder how people take their mind of the problem situations in their life. so what do you do to relax when things get out of hand?

Work. Walk. Drive. Coffee.

Going into the Jacuzzi for me.

Sometimes I also drink Mountain Dew.

For me it is reading though I haven’t had found any good books lately. I’m hoping that soon I may get into Blender3D enought to actually enjoy the creation of stuffs (still in a beginner learning phase). My other way to relax is to find funny pictures like this one of JackBlack. :smiley:

Ah, I find the best way to relax is to listen to some music. If im wicked stressed out, I like to just lay down in the dark and put some music on. Never anything heavy, something nice and light like phish.

Nap. Good book. Music.

Nap or walk outside

In before drug comment.

Music for me. Both playing and often just listening.

Get home from work and play with my kids and have a beer or 8. :wink:

I also started playing hockey again once a week.


I cut up my fingers trying to cut up plastic models. I also write, eat, fold origami, eat and eat.

I take a brief walk by myself, just around the block if need be. I call it taking an “oxygen break”. If I’ve got the time, I’ll go to a movie theater; sitting through a movie is very absorbing, and it’s a couple of hours where no one can ask you to do anything. :slight_smile:

I Blend :slight_smile:

The sauna, steambath, a good shower or a bubble bath all work, though you might not have any of them in the house (except for the shower).
You can also just sit down under a tree and just be. No thinking, not doing anything.
Try to write some haiku, some 6-word stories or try timed writing. The last one means you chose a topic (can be an emotion, a color, an abstract concept, anything) and just write, write, whatever comes to mind until the time runs out (don’t forget to put an alarm and don’t worry about spelling or punctuation). Often timed writing can be quite insightful.
Finally… a massage :wink:

I normally listen to music to relax. Generally something that’s “identifiable”, not just random songs.

Also, sometimes I try to write song lyrics to vent when I’m on edge. (You might have a tendency to write some pretty scary stuff when you’re upset (like me), so be sure you have an easy way to dispose of it once you’ve calmed down.;):D)

Ho hum, lets see, to relax… bike, swim or walk and stretch… yes this works great…

But I guess relieving stress is all about how you look at things.

Try to get on top of things with a calm mind, I guess. For me, that means getting rid of mess, physical and mental messes that may exist.

I also rant on online forums and listen to music VERY loud.

Nothing like going on a nice cycle ride to destress.
Nothing to worry about apart from keeping the pedals turning and cranking up the miles.


I just come on to my comp, turn the music on and surf the web. (Usually read the news and other stuff) Or play some kind of a computer game or the traditional method - I blend.

Nice green tea/coffee/whisky (particularly whisky), good music and lock the door.

Or grab some great food.

If you don’t want to think much, grab some mates and a few dvd’s. Sit off with some beers!

Hope you feel better soon.