What Do You Do When the Creativity Juices Won't Flow?

I’m pretty sure there are alot of threads like this? If there are I’ll get yelled at for bumping up an old thread…So please dont close this

I find my self not being able to get thing done in bleder… Maybe its because I am not that great at drawing? Or maybe its me just getting old…(i know 13 not old)… This thread is so people can come at look at it when they dont know what to model… So please list the things you guys/girls do when you cant think of anything to model

easy look at the forum.

…Wow…I guess i never thought of that…i feel dumb…

I usually browse through the internet or watch TV or a favorite movie, listening to music can help too.


Personally, I use my un-creative time to catch up on new features I haven’t explored yet and to try out tutorials that have been piling up on my hard drive.

Actually it never fails, if I sit down to work on a tutorial, generally about half way through, I start thinking of ideas and future projects. The only down side, is that I now have numerous unfinished tutorials that I still want to finish doing.:smiley: But my creative block is gone.

I have creativity always - just need to figure blender and other software to get it going.

Ha ha this is going to be a funny thread. Lets see, I browse the forum for really old off-topic chat threads (very funny hobby folks), go visit my horse, read some books, watch animations, talk to my friends, listen to music (this usually gives me an idea, maybe not a Blender one, I usually draw out songs I hear), stare at the painting on the wall above my computer and try to wonder how long it would take to render. OK this is usually what I do.

Force yourself to work. Relation is for the weak:ba:

Then movies and a listen to music.

I play games, listen to music, try to play my guitar or stroll through the internet.

Watching or listening to inspired work by others nearly always gets your creativity moving. Also, there may be other sides to your creativity that you may have neglected; perhaps your muse might be knocking at your door right now, but it’s not talking about polygons but ideas that are better expressed through words, drawings, or even through wood or clay.

Variety isn’t just the spice of life – it gives your muse stuff to chew on.

get really moody, think f*ck everything. Just don’t care and take a step back, don’t care about the chores you should be doing for a moment and stop thinking that you NEED TO DO… SOMETHING…

listen to some music you liked butnever got around to actually listen to lately, read a book or comic you like but didn’tget around to reading lately. Do something completely different. Do some dirty work outdoors.

Basically, you can’t make the creative juices flow, you can only put yourself in situations and/or places that you know will make you feel creative again.
Unfortunately for me, that’s ussually when I’m doing rather dirty work, not that I mind dirty work, I just don’t want to take the dirt home with me afterwards.

Thank you all for helping!!! I really like Dreamsgate’s post…