what do you do when you are bored?

yeah, I was wondering. If you are stuck on what things you should make, what do you do?

I answer silly questions in here :wink:

This should probably go in a different forum, but I’ll answer anyway (actually, I’ve probably already said this to someone before).

Make up a lie. A completely outlandish lie… like “Bears can only swim in distilled water.” Then extrapolate from there. Feel free to lie in your reasoning.
“The reason that a bear can only swim in distilled water is because the slightest particulate in the water will adhere to its fur… weighing it down and drowning it. This makes swimming in the wild particularly difficult, since natural distilled water is only found in Nebraska, where bears are outlawed. However, there is a saving grace. Bears have discovered the inherent bouyancy of fish, salmon in particular. By ingesting a large number of salmon, a bear can effectively prevent itself from drowning. Scientists predict that within 1000 years, bears and salmon will form a symbiotic relationship; similar to that of mitochondrians in human cells. Either that, or they will get jobs and go eat at sushi restaurants.”
Now… if you make up a lie like that and can’t think of a scene or image to create, I don’t know what to tell you.

:o :o :o :o
I have a million different mental pictures in my head now… must blend…

I don’t know what I do. I guess I probably just go and do something else, until I see something or think about something that makes me think: ‘hmmmm…’

Watch the cinematics from Diablo II. By far the most inspiring pieces of 3D art I have ever seen. Even if you don’t like the game, buy it for the cinematics.


browse art section of CGtalk…

hey thanks alot. i like the make-up a lie idea. very creative :slight_smile:

I usually moan. Ultimately I go to sleep. Or go out.

hmmm. Do the Weekend Challenge.

How about making a 3D digital camera.

Boredom is for people who don’t have massive amounts of schoolwork.

During breaks I check my mail, elysiun, play an old videogame, and/or watch some tv. Then it’s back to work.

Fortunately I get to use Blender for my schoolwork a little this semester. Since XSI is way too expensive for me to buy personally, and I can’t be at the university all the time, I’ve been modelling some stuff at home with Blender then porting it into XSI for texturing and lighting &c.

This goes on until my brain refuses to work without first some sleep and/or food, after which GOTO 1.


XSi is like 250. I am seriously considering getting it. Maya is glitchy and the modeling sucks in it. All though 3d studio max is a ton fun, modeling that is. Not sure about stability though.

browse art section of CGtalk…[/quote]

I do almost every day, and there is some amazing stuff, but there is just something about the Diablo movies… I can’t really explain it. %|


Well this is something I do, I make a todo list. That is if I have an idea of what I want to make I start thinking of things I would need to do, like paint a certin texture or model some kinda greeble. Just getting my ideas down on paper can be helpful later on when I get a case of block I look at my todo list and just follow my own instructions so I can focus on the job at hand.