What do you do while render?

What do you do while rendering in blender?

For me i play angry birds

This belongs in a chat.
I browse the internetz on my other screen.

Inb4 browse pornography.

I leave a core or two off for rendering and work on something else in another instance of Blender.

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Really ? Surely, you do that a lot. :smiley:

sadly, a cigarette.

read this website.

coffee or tea.

check emails.

read or watch some program or other.

find out if amd have stopped slackin over open cl drivers.

Oddly enough, just yesterday I was chasing a night butterfly with a towel. It went in my room and made a very distracting noise.

Apart from that, the usual…cigarette, coffee, something sweet to eat.

you don’t want to know :no:

Rendering ATM. Just washed some dishes, checked the forums, make coffee. Thinking about what I might need to fix in post.

I render overnight =)

Go grocery shopping, clean up my house.

Food, porn, fight with random jackalopes on youtube video comments, pretend to listen to the girl I like on the phone while she talks incessantly about random things, talk incessantly about random things on BA to people who pretend to be interested, have long conversations with my cat (who could care less about what I have to say…), rinse, repeat, check the render, forward through rendered pngs on Windows image viewer, food…

Currently rendering and decided to visit this thread again.

Oh…and I just touched my tra-la-la.

I cook food while I wait. I usually do everything before breakfast time so it’s a good idea to eat something then :smiley:

Sleep. Wake up. Realize render isn’t finished. Sleep some more.

Got to love ancient computers.

render pfft… what about baking?