What do you draw with?

So i’m sick of trying to just jump into blender without a reference, a drawing, or any plan of what i want and just expect it to work… because it doesn’t.

Drawing on paper isn’t working well for me because in my house i only really have my lap to work on and i’ve never learned how to color.
However with digital painting i feel like i would have a bit more of a chance because of all the tools, layers, undo functions and filters and all.

I was thinking of trying out Sai Paint Tool, but i hear without a drawing tablet you can’t use that program well.

So what Programs and tablets would you recommend for an intro level user for digital art?
I’ve just been using a mouse and paint.net for years.

You must, I repeat MUST have a decent tablet or digitizer to draw digitally. A good medium-sized Wacom tablet is a minimum requirement, if you ask me. I also tried painting on an iPad Pro, MS Surface 4, and other portable WIn7 tablets/notebooks with a pen. They all work quite well. I own a Asus epe121 with a Wacom digitizer and pen, but the i5 and Intel graphics are too slow for software like Krita.

As a bare minimum get a decent drawing tablet (Wacom is preferred and is best supported in software). The software choice is a bit dependent on the hardware you have. Krita is excellent, but you need a half-decent system (dedicated Nvidia/AMD video card with 1gb minimum, and a reasonable modern CPU. It works great on my aging i7 920 from 9 years ago.

If you do not have access to a computer and/or lack the space for a Wacom tablet, I’d get a Windows tablet with a pen digitizer built-in.

Do your own research here: http://www.tabletsforartists.com/

Programs: Krita is free, open source, and very powerful. Clip Studio is great too (arguably the best drawing ‘feel’). Sai Paint Tool is nice too, in particular on low-powered Windows devices.