What do you enjoy most?

Pretty simple really, I know which is my favourite.

What if you lived for Kansas_15’s posts :-?

Life is so much better. :slight_smile:

You left out “Fingernails scraping across a chalkboard”…

Ouch. I’m sure this thread will get an interesting response from Kansas.

Is anyone else sensing that he is about to be banned again? :-?

i side with Kansas

I love to argue, and Kansas_15 is a GREAT excuse to do so. :smiley:


Is there life without Kansas? %|

Kansas better cut the shit and remember his promise.

My option of choice:

Oh, PLEEAAASSE don’t post things like this! This is exactly the sort of thing that makes him the way he is… He thinks we all hate him partly because it seems that most of us do.

Wouldn’t you feel awful if you were always finding threads that said things like, “Which is worse… Being impaled with red-hot nails, or reading a post by robdollar?”

PLEEEEEASE. It’s his own damn fault for not listening in the first place. I think it’s quite obviouse that he’s not trying to become a better user the way he just ignores all helpful advice.

And he’s the one posting threads about himself that just cause people to target him even more. In fact, I’d say he wants all the attention, why else would he post such touchy threads?

to stand out, to rock to boat, to be different


Perhaps the reason disdain for Kansas runs so deep is because many times in his posts, he represents what we fear most about ourselves.

Maybe he reminds us all too often that sometimes WE speak before we think. That sometimes WE hold our own values so tightly that we regard our fellow man with hatred and scorn when they don’t subscribe to our same values. That sometimes we value our own skill or opinions so high that we stifle our OWN knowledge by refusing to listen to others.

When we mock our fellow man by doing the very thing we mock him for, are we not revealing our true nature?


runs and hides

I say permaban the kid and maybe he’ll get a life. He did promise to cut out the bullshit, didn’t he?

how about we just ignore him and get on with our own lives?

he does need to learn to censor his words a little and post a little less.

My theory is that Kansas is actually Ton, and he’s testing to see who the kindest, most accepting Blender user is so he can give him the golden ticket to tour the Blender factory.

I’m actually not Ton or anyone who’s actively developing blender.
I have no idea of why this topic was came up with. :o

I have no idea of why this topic was came up with.

Because you are increadibly dumb. Ignorant and insensitive to boot and I’m being polite! Now stick me on your (evange)list.


I think you might be mistaken, if I was that dumb I wouldn’t be using blender, heck I wouldn’t know what it was.
I’m smarter then you think.