what do you guys think of this idea for a new actuator?

ok im not one of the developers, but maybe there are one or two of them that will read this, anyway. what do you guys think of an actuator that would return and objects velocity as a property? the lay out would be similar to the image. the user would select a axis(or multiple) and choose what property they wanted the velocity to be signed,or added to, or subtracted from. they could also choose local or global axis tell me what you guys think:)


another possibility would be that this actuator applies the property as velocity

if i just got a replace material actuator i’d be happy

You will not get such an actuator. To achive this just use a python script. This is quite simple. There is really no need for an actuator not it is worth the time to spend with it. It would not even increase perfomance.

Wouldn’t a sensor be more useful? You could have the same features, and it would require a property sensor to do something with the value.

i dont see what you mean by increase performance. and also i know how to use the python script, however, i still think this would be a great actuator for those that dont want to try to figure out scripting

what about:

Wait some days, your thread gave me the push to continue my S2A.py. The new version will allow you this and more, just be setting up property actuators.
The prototype works pretty well.

Hi kendrick,

have a look at the A2A. It does what you want plus a bit more. But it is not mouse click only. Some typing is necessary.

thats a great module monster!!! really great work!!!