What do you guys think?

I m working in a fantasy type game and building a char right now.


What do you think I should improve on the model?

Well, retopologize it- way to hi poly for a single character if that’s what you’re using for run time. Second- 2.48? Why?

I think you should explain the style you’re going for a little bit. Some changes that people offer could simply be down to art style.

I agree with Kamiyama that it’s too high poly for a real-time character. Judging by the image title, is this a high-poly version for a splash screen? I also have to question the use of 2.48. Is there some advantage that it offers you on this production?

working in a laptop that I take around with me and I don’t really have a mouse for it. And in the new versions of blender its almost impossible to work without mouse… and I m more used to that interface and controls.

You cna change how it works in the user preferences. I use a mac with a trackpad and blender has made it stupidly easy to navigate with macs. The interface in 2.5x/.6x I feel makes it a lot easier to use actually- more user friendly. I mean you kinda have to go out of your way to even get 2.48 or 2.49. Granted I still have 2.49 but yeah make the switch, you’ll be glad you did because you’re getting left behind.
Also the nose of the character… The longer I stare at it the more it seems a little off- that’s probably just me though.

I like the style you aim for. The mouth and nose area looks a bit odd though and perhaps lower left corner (when looking at the left eye from our perspective) looks sharp and not rounded. Not sure if that’s just because of the view angle.

Great work so far!

Will try and do some changed. Thx for the feedback later one i will add the update.

Awesome character concept and nice modeling seeing you have the eye and mouth shape keys figured out already.

But I think overall you have almost too much polygons for that anime chibi style you’re going for, especially on the clothes. It’s like you’re trying to make photorealistic human with anime proportions if you see what I mean. Anime style character could use stylizing the clothes as well, making the layers “too thick” and details “too bulky” so they look more sympathetic instead of just realistic.

Nose should probably be wider on X-axis, I think it’s just 1 sharp point at the moment. I know that’s how it’s often drawn but doesn’t look that good in 3D with shading (maybe if you’re making toon shading?).

Hands probably could use some more knuckle definition as they look pretty all-around and smooth. But IDK, that might suit the style looking at the character as a whole.

Btw you think the model should be Low Polly based?

I just wanted to make a game with great graphics

Low poly doesn’t mean the graphics have to be bad. The main character models in Final Fantasy XIII for example had between 8,000 and 9,000 polygons each. I think it’ll be another 10-15 years before those are defined as “bad graphics”. FPS games will typically go higher in poly count than RPGs.

While the poly count is largely defined by the hardware you’re planning to run the game on, this forum should help you get an idea of what you should set as a rough target: http://forum.beyond3d.com/showthread.php?t=43975

My GeForce 9800GT is still in the minimum specs for a lot of fairly recent games.

Hmm nice to know, thx for the information bro

Baking out normal maps from high poly meshes to a low poly characters can create high quality, low poly meshes,


Great, those videos helped me a lot bro! thx

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