What do you like most about blender?

For me, it’s the small size and the ability to have multiple versions of blender co-exist peacefully on one machine. Heck, I even routinely run multiple instances of blender at the same time, not one bit of problem!

The quick loading time is also amazing, blender’s size often makes me wonder why Photoshop CS is 300mb and Microsoft Office 12 is 1 DVD:confused:

with the modeling, texturing and animation tools it provides the same professional end-results for industrial design visualizations than commercial software.

together with yafray for example the gap is very very close to what c4d can offer in terms of render effects.

With an internal GI, HDRI, and Caustics engine integrated into Blender, Blenders node systems would also make more sense.

Blender doesnt offer as many features as Maya but what it offers is mainly also what you need for your serious 3D work as long as you do not sit inside a special effect studio.

Small size & quick start-up
It has full function for me. O_O

Photoshop has full help and such more materials,maybe has strong extendible system!

The thing I like best is that it is ever getting better and it is so versatile with Verse added many people can in real time work on the same mesh. Now if Verse was configured to work in the Game Engine WOW almost instance online multiplayer and game testing.

Oh and all the support from Ton to the new blender user, that is what I like most keep it up.

It’s the only 3D software that I’ve been able to understand and use.

of the 300 mb
about 100mb is sample files.
The brushes, Gradients… plugins, 60 mb
help, legal files, guides… another 20 mb
Then we have to take into account that it is not photoshop alone, it included Imageready.
Then we have lots of files having to do with image conversion, going beyond a 100mb…
Photoshop stripped of everything extra is less than 20 mb.

Back to blender, since you don’t need to install blender to use it, you can turn it on at any computer!!! Public Library computers, College/University workstations!

Does this mean that it’s not production grade/ready software? I thought Elephants Dream proved otherwise? :confused:

I like Blender because it’s Free Software! Seriously, that Blender is released under GPL is kind of a comfort for me, because I know the software will evolve freely, where the sky’s the limit. Real “3Democracy” (not that XSI Foundation doesn’t have great value, but anyway…) The community and developers are fantastic!

So powerfull, and yet so small. Beautiful :slight_smile:
It can produce really nice output, like Elephants Dream and Plumiferos, and of course from various artists, like the “Featured image” here. The fast development which makes more advanced tools and more possibilities available to users, matching commercial software already.

Because it’s everything I need while still being even more than I know what to do with.
It’s free and I actually really like the interface.

Python inclusion is the icing on the cake - especially because I love Python.


All of the above. Runs on almost any PC making it the most powerful portable 3d design production tool on the planet.

As of recently, SCUPT MODE! And I love the continuous development, I love the hotkey system, of course Free is huge, and the community is very smart and very helpful
But the real reason I like it best is because it’s so FAST. Maya just bogged down my system, and Blender’s internal renderer is good and fast.

I agree, the continuous development is one of the best things; it’s always exciting waiting for a new release, even if I don’t know how to use 90% of the program to begin with :smiley:

Knowing that every release will be an astounding improvement over the last!

Being able to keep track of developmental features as they grow and merge in the cvs!

The excitement of always being at the cutting edge of OSS CG without any worries about paying for upgrades!

And finally…

Agreeing to Blender’s EULA is a joy because it gives me rights instead of taking them away!


beside the continuous development
i like to see my frinds eyes when they know that blender can do almost everything there programs can do :slight_smile:
my full respect to the developers

Maybe it’s the hotkeys. Maybe it’s the highly customizable interface. It might even be the fact that Blender compares well to software costing a lot more (I can’t calculate how much percent more… can’t divide by zero, you see).
Blender is indeed an amazing piece of software. And every six months, it gets significantly better!
The fact that you can use python to make plug-ins and scripts is an amazing feature as well. Python is my preferred language because of many reasons! Much better than C or any variation thereof.
And while most people criticize the non-standard interface and workflow (it’s actually the only thing they can criticize :D), I love it.
In short: Blender FTW :cool:

It’s so much fun!
And all of the above too.

Once you catch onto the flow, it is like playing a musical instrument. Also there is such a huge body of information available. For example, Cinema 4D has very little in the way of tutorials or “open” information. Although I found Cinema 4D easier to pick up and use, the lack of tutorials made it difficult to advance. So I tried Blender, and it has replaced C4D, for the most part, in my work routine.

Once you catch onto the flow, it is like playing a musical instrument.

Similar to a piano, with all the keyboard shortcuts.
I rarely even use the mouse, in fact:

There’s an idea for a game, actually - use your (computer) keyboard as a (piano) keyboard! opens Blender:smiley:

I’m primarily interested in the modeling aspect. Man, I’ve tried all of the poly/subd apps out there, Wings3d, Modo, Hexagon, Silo, Max, you name it, even modeled full blast using them. Blender is just too darn fast, simply fast. And it just got too many features others lack despite its lack of ngon. CTRL+R is dang powerful as well as the other features that you will miss using other apps. It’s even got hidden features like spine features many people don’t know about.

It allows anyone of any skill level to enter into the world of 3D. I have been in the commercial world (as have many other blender users) as an avid Maya user, and this community feeling is so nice, as compared to other software forums. Blender isn’t only a piece of software, its a whole mindset, completely different to that of Maya or XSI. I also love the fact that blender is still growing. You feel like an actual part of something, instead of waiting for a software update from a group of people that never talk to anyone.