What do you listen to while blending?

Yay for nonsense threads!

Today’s blending session was accompanied by The Pillows and AC/DC.

I listen to a new group about every week or so.

Although, lately I’ve been listening to Cake while Blending.

the gentle whirr of my CPU trying to keep up with me when i’m blending…

either that or Jazz (Miles Davis)


Symphonic music… cant go wrong with a classic

My wife complaining that I spend too much time on the computer :-?

No music - I don’t like to listen to music. It distracts me.

Sometimes Cargo Cult…(thanks for getting me hooked [email protected]!)

Skillet, The Benjamin Gate, etc.

Yeah! Go Fonix Wircs!

Actually, I don’t listen to music while blending because I mostly make games and can’t have music and sound effects at the same time. But while doing schoolwork I do orchestral/instrumental, or game soundtracks (Uru!!!).

I think I just registered myself as a Class A nerd.

green day, matchbox 20, modest mouse, John Mayer, Lord of the Rings soundtracks.


even in the offtopic forum, I’d rather not see questions asked multiple times like this one

The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds and also Santana: Arbraxas

man z3r0 d your really up tight about the whole multiple post thing arent you. You posted the same thing in one of the aforementiond threads. Calm down man.

yeah i agree HEADCHEESE, this is the off-topic forum, and anything in here should be classed as dispensible and not really anything to get uptight about.

Like some Yes stuff. Good music to get creative to. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some time ago, I was mostly listenning to Metal…

now I’m more into some Ac/Dc, Nofx, and “Les trois accords” (a band from quebec that make somekind of nonsense song lol)

Right now it’s a pot-pourri of all of Yoko Kano’s compositions (those that I have, not all of them, of course).


There’s nothing more annoying than repetitive polls, but if you don’t want to answer again then don’t.

Anyone who cares can see my reply in previous threads.

a) There are things, in my opinion, more annoying than repetetive polls, and if you do find them more annoying than anything else, read the topic, and ignore it if you have seen one similar to it before.

b) I do want to answer again.

Was there any more point to you posting these posts in this thread, than there was to my posts? At least I answered the question. Maybe you like to listen to Jimmy Somerville at high volumes. Who knows.

Also, just had a quick browse through 5 pages of your posts, nothing blender related at all really. Just “lock this thread” type messages and stuff about role playing games etc. Nothing repetitive about that?

Skillet, The Benjamin Gate, etc.

Tight! Didn’t know you were a fan. The aforementioned, along with Pillar, relient K, POD, Jeremy Camp, Weezer.


Yay, you’re smart enough to use the search function (or the profile function). BFD.

“Just “lock this thread” type messages and stuff about role playing games etc”

Really? Did you even have the braincells required to type in the right person’s name? :o