What do you look for in a game?

What do you look for most when judging a game?

(I figured this might help some people in their game design, mostly me :smiley: )

Not even on there. I look for how the game plays, and if you can A: tell easily what’s happening, and B: everything else of the game amplifies the central core. I also like being able to make levels and such.

Gameplay is missing from the list and its the most important of all. If a game’s not fun to play or addicitive or challenging, then gamers arn’t going to play it and all these categories fall under gameplay.

i look for all of the above , and “Character Design” is very important too
can’t do one without the other, can’t really vote for just one of the features but plot/story must be at the top of the list , I think video games
is the ultimate artistic medium for it conbines all of the arts plus lets the viewer interact.