what do you look for in an MMO/RTS

Hello, i usually dont ask much of the forum (well, i dont ask anything), but i am part of a team working on an MMO/RTS hybrid set in space. it sounds like a lofty goal, i know. anyway, if you would help me out and just tell me what you look for in an MMO, and what things turn you away, and do the same for RTS games, that would be awesome.

i understand that not all of you play MMO games on a regular basis, so if you want to say what formulas you think make any game sucessfull, do share. :slight_smile:

What is the focus of this game? Is it combat, trade, diplomacy, construction, or something else?

Figure out what the most important aspect of it is, and give it highest priority.

For example, if your’s is a combt game, try not to force people to do lots of base-building.

Total Ahnihilation is a good game to take notes from (I’ve only played TASpring).

yes, i know about Total Annihilation (i have the original game sitting next to me in its original box)and Spring. i just want to know what people in general want in a game of this genre.

if you want me to explain a little about the game, here is:
you will start out with a small population on a planet and expand across the galaxy. battles will revolve around an RTS type system, and will be with other players.

we have content, and we know what we are doing. in our relatively early stage of development i just thought that it would be nice to get a feel for what elements of RTS and MMO people like. :smiley:

I was only suggesting it as a refence, since it is a good game enjoyed by many. It is also somewhat unique.

Somewhat like Master of Orion? Sounds interesting.

What I meant by my previous post was that you should try to avoid making things tedious, which can happen when a game requires one to spend a lot of time or energy on something that isn’t really important for the essential thing of said game.

That is what I guessed. Are you taking the FOSS path?

Good luck.

I don’t play RPGs but if you could do a kind of RPG-FPS-RTS game it could probably get pretty great. The biggest drawback with RPG games is that you press a button and then the character kills the monster, it would be much better if you could kill the monster yourself, everything else in a RPG game is pretty great. Also to make it a bit more like a RTS/RPG you could make it a 3rd person shooter. Some RPGs have their focus on combat (Silkroad for example) but all you get to do is buy a weapon, find the monster, choose attack and he kills the monster himself, I don’t think that is how it should be. If it is focused on combat then there should be some features that other all-around RPGs have.

Also you do realise the costs of running a server?

I say you check the battle.net feature Warcraft 3 has.
I think that’s just PERFECT.
You can do about anything there, you should really check it out so see what it’s like :slight_smile:
Of course, RPG-style heros who can grow and become stronger are, in my opinion, a great addition to any strategy game. Nearly a must.

i didnt mean to come off as rude if i did, just wasnt in the best of moods yesterday. what is the “FOSS path”

@ Robin
we are going to have some FPS elements in it, like the ability to fly and shoot any vehicle.

i mentioned servers to the rest of the team, its something we havent resolved. i know they arent cheap, but we dont yet have a working game to test on any servers. at first we will probably use somebodies extra box for test purposes.

i will check into that battle.net thing. We discussed Heros, i think it is a good idea, ill mention it to the team.

A great set of tits usually.

I don’t think I interpreted anything as rude.

‘FOSS’= Free Open-Source Software. I was basically just asking if this project is going to be open and free.

You might find Planeshift of interest, it is a FOSS MMORPG.

P.S. MMO != MMORPG. Also, there are plenty of RPGs which have more to their combat than point-and-click sorta stuff (maybe not MO ones though).

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