What do you make in game engime vs blender/maya/zbrush etc

Hi all,

In the past when we were using Hammer and sdks for half life/medal of honour/doom etc etc normally map editors would create all of the levels in the map editor… However I see with unity and UE5, creators make basically everything in modelling programmes and then export import into game engines, everything except the tarrain of course… So the question is…

Are you all making your roads, walls, fences (the basic flat mesh) in the moddling programme still and exporting it all?

I don’t want to waste my time making walls and roads in a moddling programme if it is better/more optimised etc in the game engine.

Or is it better to make everything in the moddling programme except the tarrain and then export it over?

Basically what do you make in the modeling vs game engine?
Thank you.

Hey all,

Does anyone on here do all modelling in programmes and then import them into the engine of unity/unreal or do you do some modeling of the walls, floors, fences etc in the game engine

As far as I know, modern game engines are better optimized for meshes, like you would make in Blender.

Unreal, as an exemple, has an old “brush” system, which can make a level out of boxes, but I seem to recall reading that it’s considered mostly obsolete and has a worse performance than meshes.

Also, meshes offer more control, better quality and can be sold, bought, reused multiple times in the same game (or in different games).

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Amazing so meshes are better than using in game engine blocks for walls, brickblocks, fences example. So everything is made in model engines and then the tarrain in game engine.

Thanks alot. Wanted to see what everyone does.

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