What do you people think about this?

It’s made by a guy named Marco Spitoni from Cee Gee.


The credits at the end says, “This movie has been entirely produced and rendered on Intel Pentium 4 machines.”

This is a good movie!

Hope he had permission to use some of that Star Wars music I heard, but that was an awesome movie.

[Edit] The dialog could have been a LOT better…

I thought it was pretty good :slight_smile:



excellent work all the way!
It’s easy to spot mistakes and fall into the habit of criticism but anyone who is working on a major animation knows what it takes to pull something like that off.
I have a lot of respect for the vision and commitment the guys had and feel a bit better about our project which is taking longer as we planned for.

Thanks for the link :slight_smile:

To me, a film has a plot, a theme, and is usually moves you or tells a story. An animation is a segment of moving stuff modeled and thrown together. If the story was/is “death is inevitable and religion is a fraud”, I don’t see how cars and friends tell that story. Maybe I have to watch it a few more times, but for me, it is an animation, not a film.