What do you prefer? This forum as the main discussion forum or Facebook?

  • I prefer this forum
  • I prefer facebook

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Most of the “new-school” networking sites (even Reddit) have the issue of topics quickly getting buried and then lost forever (because who is going to dig down and search for them)?

The classic message board is still the best solution for keeping topics alive and keeping older information within easy reach. It also remains the best medium for project threads (because they float back to the top whenever you post an update).


i dont often do polls, but i just hate facebook and the like… just. so. much.


People still use facebook?


I like the function in this forum that whenever a topic gets updated or replied it shows up at the top of the forum. And I must admit that I really like the members in this forum. I’m new but I’m quite active here because I feel confortable here.


I don’t have a Facebook account and don’t really want one.
I don’t like Facebook. BlenderArtists is a much better place for discussions.

Edit: Well now I do (for one specific unrelated group chat), but I still don’t use it at all for anything else.


Facebook? How quaint. This is the roaring twennies, you know.

Forums are back in vogue.


Thanks for the input all of you who voted, a bit early to make any conclusions perhaps.

I have posted a similar poll on another 3D forum …to try and get a picture of what people prefer, that forum isn´t as vibrant as this…not the same format, in here the forums has the format of displaying artwork and link to it directly in the main page, so to be notified with others work, and also ads for tools developed for blender, that isn´t the case with the other forum, where also the company is stating they do not put any effort on the old forum bulletins anymore, but rather use facebook instead.

I can understand it from a sales point of view, but not from a customer support view…I believe forums like this provides a better platform for discussions and also more concentrated, and how that builds engagement to use a software is of a different kind of value than direct facebook vicinity prospects.
Then we of course has those who simply shy away from facebook…including me.

I have suggested in that other forum I am talking about, to migrate to a new page and also start working on implementing thumbs to artwork directly in the front page and also clean up their sections…this forum looks more maintained.

I wouldn´t even have posted this poll I think, were it not for the other forum being so neglected, and to further investigate peoples opinions on facebook VS a dedicated forum, I thought…why not check in here as well.

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Your results are probably biased though, people on the Facebook group will vote very differently.

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I have mentioned that as well before, and also someone else needs to do such survey since I don´t use facebook.
who knows…it may get a lot more people voting perhaps…but the question is if there will be a 100%-0 ratio as in here.

The other forum is also displaying a majority of users prefering their dedicated forum.

I think it may be fair to say that a marketing team sees it differenctly than users do, and that is where they put their effort in being, thus in principle don´t caring much about improving their own forum and put resources on that, but that is the sensus I get from the other forum, blender as being open source may be differently…and from what I can see…the forum is better implemented.

So for blender users…and me being in here, I see no big issue on choosing for myself since it is well done in there, I do take the poll with me for the overview of peoples opinions in general, when talking in the other forum.
I haven´t been so active in these forum, but the time I have been…the general experience of getting notified with interesting things are a far more better experience than in the other forum where I have been active for years…so I guess in essential I am looking for motives that holds up for explaining the importance of it all.

For the sake of informations & tutorials visibility, closed social networks are a pain in the ass (Discord, Facebook, & cie).

Facebook is fine for posts that just require instant feedback as they drop of the page so quickly and are never seen again, but are useless for keeping information accessible.
Forums like these have all the posts archived and are easily searchable. If I’m stuck on something and make a post asking for help, any replies on here can be found months later by anyone else having a similar problem with a quick search on google. Theres also the benefit of having posts ‘visible’ for longer, allowing more people to read and giving them time to reply properly.

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Facebook is run by scum so even if it was better I’d still not go there.

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BlenderArtists and its former roots had been established way before fb and such, it is really silly to ask about such comparison.

Don’t even think about using Face (recognition)Book for this wonderful community!

Just as the awesome Blender Foundation, Institute and Software:

**Always STAY FULLY INDEPENDENT from anyone or anything else (online) **

Our Global Blender Community needs a fully autonomous communication platform, always !!!

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For me it’s simple. I have never used Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter, or […], and I never will.

To me, these sites are just “a great big sucking sound.” If you let them waste your time, they will waste all of it. That’s why I continue to use [only …] well-curated, topic-specific forums such as this one. I’ve found them to be a very efficient use of my time.

FaceBook… never! The people who manage BlenderArtist and those who contribute are pure gold. I am in joy every time I come here [daily] reading perhaps more than I say anything. The information is a treasure always. I feel this is sometimes a starting point for people wanting to make tutorials and I like that.

The format is wonderful and put together with great attention by all.