what do you rank Blender 2.57.1 tools 1 to 10 ?

Been learning Blender 2.57.1.

on a scale from 1 to 10
1 bad _ 10 good

what would you all rank
Work flow, 1 to 10 ?
the polygone modeling tools, 1 to 10 ?
rigs, 1 to 10 ?
morphs 1 to 10 ?
renders 1 to 10 ?

All 8-10 :smiley:

I haven’t used anyother programs, so I actually don’t truly know how good it is, but from my experience,

Workflow: 10/10
Polygon Modeling tools: 8/10
Rigs: 8/10
Morphs: don’t exactly know what you mean here
Renders: (Blender Internal) 7/10

im still learning blender.
blender ant got morphs ? shape keys can be used as morphs ?

Workflow - 9/10
The whole hotkey based thing, the screen division thing - brilliant.
But there are some little things i don’t like about workflows in blender… For example, assigning images to UV’s to bake, or selecting bone custom shapes in pose mode and not edit mode, the texture tab, object/Mesh naming and Mesh selection could be in the F6 menu after you add an object… somethings are not completely right for me in blender, but overall blender is the most fun to use 3D app I ever used…

The visual design - 7/10
The menus look great overal, great colors and etc. The font should be taken out of Cycles branch imho. The menus are full of scrolling, to much horizontal space taken by the T and N. A single line for separating panels is to little, i believe they should be inframed, and panels could be grouped into tabs (like 2.49)…I believe the N menu can be scrapped and moved to correct menus in the properties window. Then N can be used for favorite panels… etc. etc…
The 3D view could really use some beautifying. Needs partially transparent lines, gradients, better default lighting, matcaps, etc…
I’d give 2.4 a 4/10 .

Polygon modeling tools: 9/10
Modeling in blender is really fun and easy to me. But lost a point for obvious reasons, which will be fixed thanks to bmesh.

Rigs 8/10
Well, the whole rigging system in blender looks kind of messy to me…

Morphs 9/10
If you mean shapekeys, works great. But should really be called “Morph targets” and not “Shape keys”. There is no point in being a black sheep.

Render (BI): 6/10
BI is terrible, but very usable for things I rarely need.

This is a pointless thread, all you’ll get is uninformed opinion, flames and fanboyism.

and at the end of the day the only opinion that counts is your own.

@Rorkonn, shape keys ARE morphs.

Everything is a perfect 10, I am not going to even attempt to be unbiased, I think its impossible to be so.

For what blender tries to do, it’s pretty good. As always in open source projects, documentation is somewhat lacking. The major issue at the moment is that 2.5 was such a radical change in interface that very few sources, including the blender.org wiki itself, has updated. The major issue i have at the moment is the removal of the “d” key functionality that was in 2.4x (when in object mode). Now i have to learn 3 new shortcuts to replace it. (“d” popped open that menu that let you change view mode.)

Why exactly do you want to know other people’s opinion on this?

The best objective opinion you could get would be to spend 3-4 months checking out 3-4 different programs. Most major ones have a free 30 day trial for just that. This would not be wasted time. You’d learn a lot.

On a scale from 1-10 where 3 is the best on odd days I’d rate everything log(42)^3 unless it has no GI then its for even days but only if bevel works, else its irrelevant and we need more tools else everything is rated 0.1 and useless as whole.

The point of the thread is not to see how good blender is, everyone has it’s own opinion. It’s just for curiosity about specific blender users and their personal taste :slight_smile: for fun, nothing more. Atleast that’s how I understand it.

Let’s see.

  • Workflow - 8/10, quite nice to work with (especially compared to 2.49), though there have been suggestions on what to add to take it to the next level and make it truly spectacular.

  • Modeling - 7/10, this after it being bumped up a point or two due to some of the excellent modeling addons, I’m sure the addition of Bmesh and Ngons can really make the modeling side shine like it hasn’t before especially once you start seeing addons that can make use of the Ngons.

  • Rigs and Morths - NA, never really used this part of Blender much.

  • Rendering - 7/10, BI can do a lot of things and can get the job done, but then you realize just how much better your images can look with the addition of GI, but regardless it can be faked to an extent and you can add a point for the new volumetric system and the much faster raytracing compared to 2.49. (Cycles though would be an easy 9/10 once it acquires all of BI’s shading features with the addition of the excellent GI it has already and once it gets even faster).

And one of my own.

  • Game Engine - 7/10, while it’s not the most fully featured in the graphical department and lacks some bells and whistles typical of AAA engines like ragdolls, heavily optimized armature animation, and automated demolition of geometry, it is able to do a lot of things and can make fairly complex games when looking at what the Python API can do for you in terms of both game logic and optimization, I would expect this to go up a point once all of the existing patches are included into trunk along with the GSoC branches as the code within them fulfills a number of wants for BGE users as well as making existing features much more usable (like adding groups into a game level), and this after previous usability issues like sound has already been taken care of. I would also take note it would probably have been a 6/10 in 2.46 and all the way down to a 4/10 in releases before that.