WHat do you still find easier to do in other applications?

Coming from other 3D packages I am trying my utmost best to love Blender. I like it for a lot of things and i love wha it stands for and the community feel, but I still get frustrated by the way Blender does certain things or doesn’t do it.

It may very well be a mindset change.

To try and be positive and constructive about it I was wondering if there are people coming from other apps that might find some things a lot easier in other applications as opposed to Blender, that the Blender community can look at to possibly improve in Blender for the future.

Sculptris > Blender sculpt
XSI Rendering > Blender rendering
XSI node based interface > Blender interface
Though Blender screen division > XSI stiff GUI.

I can’t think of anything else.
Other stuff can bet changed in the preferences… Some defaults are just begging to be changed.

I think it will be nice to say what you find easier. Otherwise the thread won’t be seen as constructive which, for all intent and purposes it’s meant to be.

I think the Sculptris > Blender sculpt you mentioned might have to do with the fact that Sculptris UI is pretty good right?

Besides, blender sculpt and sculptris are good and bad in different ways… and actuallt compliment each other rather well…

Personally I miss having centralised material management in blender… there’s minor things that are on the way like ngons, but the material thing is the biggest thing I miss.

Damnit…now I miss it as well Mike.

Layers in sculpting would be nice to have in Blender.

I like the blender interface in 2.5 and the Sculpt mode is a lot better than the others i have tried, though i havnt tried that many.

I just like how handy and accessible all the keys are, erganomically designed interface. (2.5 alpha still has a few bugs though)

Until BMesh is folded in (n-gons, good bevel tool), and some other decent tools (selection tools, cut tools) are developed, nearly all of my meshes start in Wings3D. Notable exceptions are pieces/parts or entire meshes that are created easier with curves, but I usually start the mesh in Wings and add the curve based geometry (tubes, wires, pipes, sometimes text, etc) or create arrays in Blender. But Wings3D remains my “go to” for organic modeling.

To me most of the rendering/shading system is just too complex. When I compare it to C4D I’d probably always need at least twice as much time to set up a material in Blender than I would with Cinema 4D. Blender is just too complicated sometimes when it comes to assigning datablocks or whatever. Thinking back at the old 2.49 days with setting up background images. My god that was complicated ;)! It’s gotten better, but the workflow of setting up a lot of settings still feels unintuitive.

The features of Blender are great and I think in the future Blender will be the best allround package (I’m not saying anything about the quality of the features) out there. That’s why I love it. I use C4D at work and we do not have any Plugins (both official and 3rd party). Without plugins such an app just lacks a LOT of features and sometimes even basic things. Blender doesn’t have this problem, that’s why it can be easier to achieve things in Blender, simply through the fact, that other apps may not include it ;D.

I think the main thing is that many other packages hide a lot of the complexity initially, and let you dig in as far as you need.

I think the outliner is finally getting to point of good usibility working with modelling layers and grouping, but I’d still rather layers be integrated, dynamic and nestable group/layers instead of 20 fixed layers and groups being a separate function. I had hopes they would introduce that with 2.5. Even though there seem to be advantages to the way things are now, I think it’s more accomodation to the limitations than real advantage. [edit: Looking at the outliner in 2.5 again, maybe it’s more integrated than I thought.]

Yes, same with materials, Accessoire. Working with simple materials and textures is still way too complicated compared with other packages. I’m not familiar enough with more complicated subjects like nodes, but almost all of the packages have nested functionality instead of Blenders network. You can’t share datablocks as easily in most other packages I know of, but then, I don’t think you usually need to, so it’s not much of an advantage. Nested layers of settings is a lot simpler because you can hide a lot of the deep functionality with presets.

I also still wish Blender had the tool icons (especially context-sensitive ones) that most other packages have, but that’s never gonna happen :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure if I like the new Tools shelf yet, haven’t used 2.5 enough.

Yeah, if we consider that Blender will have the same functionality soon, then the interface is the only thing i don’t like. It’s just way simpler to use.
Sculptris interface is just so clean… I really like flying buttons. Blender, in the other hand, looks kind of full of everything in the toolshelf…
So, if the Blender GUI in sculpting will be remastered, it will be great.

I did mistaken “Simpler” to “Like it more” in my first post. sorry.

I suppose this would sound more like a feature request, but anyway, while I am texturing new objects,
I require certain sized texture map which I render with one camera. Then to see what it looks like I apply the texture to the object and render on a differant layer with a differant camera. Each time I do this I ether have to change the render dimentions, or which I find quicker is crop the texture to size in gimp and reload. Would it be possable to have differant render sizes per camera.

I generally do not like Maya’s user interface, but there is one really useful little feature that I miss in Blender (and in any other application for that matter).

It’s about entering the same values into a number of fields.

I have made a quick video to explain it.

So basically in Blender you have to enter every single field to that (fastest way being the tab key), but in Maya you can just click and drag over all the fields that need the same value. Then the last field will be active and you can enter the number here which gets assigned to all the fields. It’s much faster, especially if you have to fill in many fields.

You can even deselect some of the fields in the middle of all the selected if you want.

It’s a really small feature but it makes entering same numbers really quick and it feels quite Blender-like. It’s especially useful when you have even more fields, like a lot of shape keys or so.

Maybe someone would find it useful, too?


I totaly agree with you. It’s so useful. :yes:

Scripting - Maya MEL
Modelling - Wings

That would become a pain for the ones who don’t want to adjust rendersize every time they add a camera, but your point is good (i’m thinking at maxwell’s cameras), and could be obtained with an “overrride render settings” panel in the camera properties.

+1 for the centralized material stuff. I think is no good that if I want to change a material I have to select an object that material has been assigned to. Also there’s still the Material/Texture tabs issue to be solved, but i guess that might be tackled in the near future with the shading refactor.

long ago i used 3dsmax (at version 5/6) and from there a very nice feature holds in my memory:

it would be very nice if i could select some vertices/lines/faces and apply a modifier directly on them - and ONLY on them - of course i should be able to change the (sub)selection afterwards too …

also i would like to see Extruding (with all its different behaviours) becoming a modifier

I started off with 3dMax myself, and to be honest, blender was hard at first, but now, I could not do imagine using any other 3d software myself. Sure there is some limitations like a “do everything” button, but we’ll get there one day.

You’re in luck. From what I understand, the 2.5 interface is set-up to be very configurable. I haven’t seen it, but I believe the layout and initial settings of most of the interface is defined in a set of Python files. Earlier on in the 2.5x development cycle they were talking about using this to create an alternative, simplified interface for beginners and those who dislike clutter. I would definitely expect something like this to show up. Later on, perhaps, you could tinker with you own streamlining of the interface. You know your own work-flow best.

I think your original post has a tinge of…“how can I get used to Blender”. I think for that, you just have to dig in. Blender has many shortcomings I think. Modeling for one. But the interface design and concept to me is superior to where I came from and that speeds things up greatly.

As for the community, well, I think it would be more productive to get involved more directly with the developers at the blender site.

In the mean time since development is slow, it is more productive to learn the software as it is fully. I don’t think there is a shortage of ideas. More like a shortage of people to implement them.

Off the top of my head, it’s the entire handling of wireframes.

It’s the pain in the ass to see them properly in the viewport, and I want to be able to render a nice overlay over my scene. In other software, it’s just a single checkbox, but in Blender I have to toggle 2 options for every object, and there is no render overlay option (The toon edging is no substitute).