What do you think about Hitman and Splinter Cell ?

Hi everyone, I wanted to start this thread to see what do you guys (or girls if there is any) think about games like Hitman and Splinter Cell.

I personally think a combination of Hitman 2 and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory would be a perfect game.

Can you say a few words on what do you like and dislike about these two and other similar games.:eyebrowlift:

I’ve never played Hitman, so I won’t go into uncharted territory with that one.

Splinter Cell (as a series)


You couldn’t kill people


Very violent now - with the most recent 2 or 3 games, you can kill people

Splinter Cell had a completely closed market in it was pretty much the only true action stealth game around. The mix of stealth and puzzle solving (trying to figure out how to take out a light without a guard seeing, for example) made it a great game. Also, if you killed someone, it would be game over, which meant that you had to be intelligent about navigating your way around the area, and kept the game from being brutal for no reason. But then, they just dumped Sam Fisher’s whole character by making him a violent killing machine - that can be found anywhere nowadays. In the meantime, where can people get their thinking-man’s stealth action?

I’ve never heard of Splinter Cell, but I do have played the Hitman games and I liked them, because you can chose the way you play. Unlike many other, well let’s say shooters… However I don’t really think Hitman is a shooter, well not 100%… I think… Or something like that…

Anyway I like games where you need to think and and have some action and where you can choose the way to your goal(s). RPG-alike games in other words.

I agree that Splinter Cell took a different direction after Chaos Theory. A lot more violence and the gameplay became more linear. Hey if I want to go around and kill stuff I play Serious Sam.

Yes, Hitman is one of my favorite games because of the freedom you have. You get a mission and its up to you to figure out a way to reach the goal. Another thing I like about Hitman is that I can select what equipment I want to take on my mission.