what do you think about inkscape

OSS in general seems completely lacking in print-oriented tools (other than LaTeX and gs and whatnots :slight_smile: ) Are there any OSS solutions for doing CMYK work? I know that Gimp can’t do it. (there is a plug in for doing seperations but you can’t “work” in the color space)

I like Inkscape quite a lot - but it only has the feature set that people involved in its development have demanded. That’s the way OSS works - we’d do well to move this discussion to its mailing list.

toloban - inkscape has python extensions already, no?

UPDATE: spoke too soon - it’s on the inkscape radar (no real plans to speak of though) and scribus already supports CMYK apparently.

I use inkscape for my hobby and at work, We are able to produce everything we need, as far as scaled vector graphics are concerned… WE have a kid working with us who knows illustrator, and complains all the time about the inkscape interface… Then I installed Linux, and showed him how to make the windows always stay on top. He still bitches sometimes about this or that, but there is nothing that he cant make. There is no reason for him to use illustrator, other than he is “just used to it” .that is where he learned SVG… anyway to make a long story short, all i can say is give inkscape a try for 2 weeks… you might not need to spend the money on the adobe product. I say the same thing about GIMP vs Photoshop… there is nothing I cant do with the gimp! Plus, Adobe dose not allow you to program Dynamic Hotkeys (turn it on in your prefrences) with dynamic hotkeys , you just hover the mouse over the desired menu function, and press the hotkeys you want to assign to it… thats it!! I have everythin programmed exactly like blender :stuck_out_tongue: G for move Q for quit control-wfor save f2- saveas ETC :stuck_out_tongue: well… goodluck! I really enjoy inkscape, wish i had more projects to use it… I mainly use it for logos, so we can use the same SVG graphics for the Icons,Tshirts, buisness cards, posters, etc :stuck_out_tongue: on last thing about inkscape… learn the hotkeys first… it will make your experiance more fluid.

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I like it quite a bit. It filled a hole in my workflow > Vector. The basic feature set is nice, and they add and improve things on a regular basis. The blur tools in the upcoming release will be very useful. I’ve had it crash on me on nearly every large project though, and some of the ui ‘features’ are weak (the layer interface for instance :rolleyes:).

A good app to have around anyway, and one with a bright future I hope :smiley:

What are you trying to do, get me in trouble?

The newest release of Inkscape came out the other day with some nice new additions.
It’s definitely worth checking out.

(One of my pet peeves, the toggle of wireframe/normal view is included)

It still doesn’t address the shortcomings for press work or for spot color work, but if you’re working strictly in combined RGB - it has a lot to offer.