What do you think about suicide???????

[quote="skontar’s ghost] O.k. I got this idea from my earlier stupid Joke/Thread… But I think it worths to hear your opinions on this…

My opinion is that life is beautiful, so (allthough I’m supposed to be dead now… :stuck_out_tongue: ) I vote for no!!!

What do you think???

skontar’s ghost.

It really depends on a lot of things.
I’m too lazy to type.
I’m so tired.
I don’t want to talk about it.
I think I’ll kill myself.

<note>Self edited after cooling down</note>

Have you ever had to go to a good friends funeral and watch your other freinds carry a casket out of the church? Have you ever seen all the people you were freinds standing there with tears running down their cheeks because someone you grew up with and remembered as a wonderful person put a gun to their head and pulled the trigger?

Have you ever gotten a call while you were in the middle of class to let you know that your grandma had just killed herself?

Have you ever been sitting there with a knife just running over reasons to do it? Or taken more pills than you should hoping you wouldn’t wake up the next day? Or stayed up all night just searching for medical information trying to figure out how much xanax and alcohol you would have to mix? Have you ever lived in a world were without a dozen or so pills a day you would spiral into a crital mass of self-destruction? were suicide is genetically wired into your brain, and you are in constant conflict with yourself over what you know and what you feel?

You probably have no idea what it’s like, yet you talk about it like a fool. It’s pathetic and it makes me sick.

I don’t think that’s a very nice subject

1- Having one of his relatives kills or even just try to kill himself is an horrible experience
2- Trying to kill yourself is an even worst experience, psychologicaly and physically destructive
3- One who has no experience with this topic really don’t know what he’s talking about
4- It’s not a topic worth arguing since I cannot possible be against acasto :stuck_out_tongue:

please do not answer this thread, I foresee that it will easily turn into a very hot topic.


Can somebody ban this ass >:(
This is really innapropriate, I mean, first he pulls this stunt, and he obviously wasn’t serious, but people take him seriously, then we find out it’s a hoax, now he’s STILL trying to pull this stunt, and it’s pissing me off.

So, really, somebody do something about this.

Haha, stfu noob. Go back to the shower before your… oops. Quoting the iceman again.

How about they ban you?

Personally, I don’t like the choices, so I voted “else”. Your second choice “honorable thing to do” seems like it could fit in certain situations. Perhaps the soldier who throws himself on a grenade to save all his buddies. Another comes to mind, Mr. Spok in “Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan”, where he faced the lethal radiation to save the ship and crew… though, he had an out as shown in “Star Trek 3: The Search for Spok”. This though, is something I would call self-sacrifice, not suicide.

First, I define suicide as the willful act of taking your own life, excluding any situations which would be considered heroic self-sacrifice. Plain and simple, every human being has a great measure of worth, and no matter what troubles you may face, there is always hope in the new day. Suicide should never, ever be an option.


Valarking, stay out of this please… If someone has to answer to Drevay, that’s me…


The reason why I am not banned so far, or someone hasn’t done something to stop me, is that unfortunately for me, most people here know me very very well and for a long time…

And from that knowledge of me, they understand that I may screw up, from time to time, but I deffinetely don’t have such bad intentions as you may think… Also they know that when I screw up, I don’t have a problem to admit it and I usually try to repair the damage… And perhaps they would like to give me a second chance for that…

So perhaps they forgive my stupidity from time to time…

What you describe as a cheap hoax, is my self defense… Every day I am mockerring “Death” and “suicide” because it is the only way to survive for me… If I humiliate “death”, then death has no power upon me… If you accuse me for that “joke”, then you accuse me for being ALIVE as well…

I will not change my opinion… “Death” is funny and the hell with anyone who will try to persuade me for the opposite… And a curse to anyone that will shed even a single tear for me, when my time will come. I want people to feel happy about that and to know that it is not the end of me…

If you don’t like my posts or disagree with my philosophy, simply ignore them… at least untill I get banned from here or someone does something about me…

If you feel that I did all these with the purpose to hurt people, then crucify me…

If you can understand that I was a stupid ass that was trying to make a joke with out considerng the consequenses and screwd up, then forgive me…



One more thing:


$hit!!! I always wanted to do that man… :stuck_out_tongue:

And it feels good…


My dad has always said he wanted a wake… just like the Irish (we’re only maybe 1/4 Irish, and don’t particularly cling to any ethnicity other than plain ole Dixie American). I intend to celebrate his life and sing and dance and be happy, but there’s not a chance in hell I won’t shed a tear… not because he’ll be gone for good, but because I’ll miss him until I catch up with him on the other side. When I cry for the dead, it’s not because their existence has ended, but because I know it will likely be a while before I see them again.


Yup, Cubefa… err skontar.


I had a friend who tried to commit suicide in a public place. His pistol was wrestled away from him by the police and he was placed in a mental ward for 90 days. The very day he got out he walked to a gun store and bought another pistol. After the obligatory three day waiting period he picked the gun up on his way home for lunch. After lunch he kissed his wife good bye, sat in the car in the driveway and pulled the trigger.

I am sure he thought he was being quite brave.

He was a friend that as it turned out hid a lot of things from people around him.

All things good about him are remembered, but I am now forced to add to his discription the sour word coward.


“there is no “good way to die” , people just die…deal with it” -Renaud on the death of Olivier de kersauzon(typo).
Death just happens, suicide is taking an action, mostly for me out of cowardice, or out of desperation. I thaught about it once or twice, for me, if I suicide, it would be out of curiosity, what is on the other side? is there one? But i’ d rather die later than sooner… Hey I’ ve got lots of stuff to do down here, and lots of troubles to make and to solve… Who am I to think it will be any better “up there” ?
And if you think I’ ve had an easy life it would say it is mostly true… if you don’ t take into account that my house burnt down in 2002 a there was a “room shortage” for 3 months…
Well, first if you want to get a job done you better do it yourself, doing nothing to a bad situation makes it worse, starting with taking your life into your own hands, it usually is quite bumpy at the start, but gets easier as you go… as long as you take the right desisions and learn from your mistakes and the mistakes from the people around you… remember life, with or without you will go on, but you might just be the spark to light somoenes life, although you don’ t know it yet.
Just be strong, believe in yourself, fuck the world, do what needs to be done to get a better life, if you are unhappy with your current situation that is :slight_smile: , the rest will follow.
And if you need anything, just wish for it…say it out loud once, concentrate on that thaught and work on it, once your mind is clear the world will be too.

One trick I’ve discovered that also helps when being depressed: just start cleaning the house, or do something, even taking a walk in the park helps (unless you live in Mexico city). If you have a problem and can’ t seem to solve it, let your subconscious work on it for a while and then think about it again, thats neuropsychology for you.

Damn, I’m raving again, am I? oh well, back to work…

Ow… and on a side note: be happy you can be emotional:
with great sorrow come great happiness, it’ s you’ r brain that can give more or less chemicals into your body to make you happy or depressed…
In my case I can’ t get anymore than “happy” or “sorry” while some people can get “extatic” and “deeply depressed”, and belive me, I have to fake a lot of social interaction because of this :expressionless:
“You should be going through the roof!”
-" I’m sorry I can’t get any farther than just being plain happy"

Examples: my employer lost my paycheck for 3 weeks, and were bafled that I didn’ t make a scene, thing is I can “act a scene” I can not “make it”.
Like my sister who has a lot of emotional problems finished her studies with great difficulty, I shouold have been very happy for her, turns out I was just pleased…thing is, I know how I should feel, yet inside there’ s just no bodily joy feedback.

And no I’m not Vulkan, before somebody starts that one again :slight_smile:

As I don’t know the circumstances or what he was hiding, the word “coward” could only be applied to a small percentage of suicides. More than 85% of suicides are due to an affective disorder, either major or manic depression. This is just affective disorders, not other mental illnesses that can very well have the same results.

Out of people with affective disorders, 25-50% will attempt suicide. That’s major and manic depression combined. In manic depression however, there is a 20-25% suicide rate among untreated. However, only a small fraction of the people with manic depression are actually being treated. Plus, many of the ones that are being treated, end up uncessfully treated due to multiple reasons.

Out of the people with affective disorders who commit suicide, the vast majority (something like 85%) will try to convey their intentions in some form or another to the people around them. They do not want to do it, but the illness does. Manic depression (bipolar disorder) is very close if not identical twins to a condition known as Borderline Personality Disorder (BSD). The twisting of emotions and a terrible imbalance of chemicals in the brain result in almost seperate emotional personalities. The person wants to be helped, and cries out for help, yet dosn’t want to be helped, because that would make them weak.

Suicide, to the extent of people with mental problems, is a completely different world. Which I assume he had some type of problem due to the planning and time span in which the reasoning for the event was in his thoughts. Healthy people can have thoughts about suicied because it is a thought that is in the world, thus exsists in the mind. However that’s where it stays, just a thought. They rarely go into the actual planning and attempt phase. Yet to someone with problems, it can be wired into the brain. Suicide to illnesses like bipolar, is just like a heart-attack is to heart disease. It is the result of a condition. That does not make someone a coward, it makes them a victim to a very real problem. Which is why the pursuit of treatment is necessary, because there is a fine line between “your control” and “it’s control” over your brain.

You have to remember, it is not normal for people to “seriously” want to kill themselves. It is against self-preservation and survival, it is not natural. So before you think of someone as being a coward, try learning about the root of the condition. Even though most will never be able to understand, it is a very intriguing and interesting topic. Because it exsists in the brain, and the brain can screw up, and everyone has one. So just like cancer, it could happen to you.

Dr. Kay Jamison, is not only a Ph.D. in phsychology, but also suffers from type-1 bipolar disorder herself. She has written some excellent books, my favorite so far being “An Unquiet Mind”, but “Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide” is a good book for a look into the topic.

Once, my brother was being a DlCK and wouldn’t let me read a communtiy journal. I eventually wanted to kill myself. Being the idiot I am, I just threw myself into a big window. It didn’t break, and I’m still alive.

However, I don’t think that you should kill yourself, Timonides. (As if Skontar wasn’t a weird enough name…) Is that what this is about? I don’t think that because you were revealed, you suddenly should feel the urge to kill yourself. Aren’t you a father? If so, why should you kill yourself? There’s more negatives to that then there are positives. Phil Hartman, a late comedian from “Saturday Night Live,” had a wife who was basically hooked on drugs. He could have left, but he was a father, so he stayed and tried to help her out. (This probably isn’t a good time to mention that she killed him in his sleep and then herself.)

Timonides, my effect of that double-coded PM isn’t wearing off just yet… hehehe. Just kidding.