what do you think about the new maxwell GTX 750 Ti

what I find good is the power consumption and price.
I could easily put two into my PC.

GTX 780 Ti and such are so much more expensive and not that much more faster in my opinion.

I have one and I love it.

The only (minor) concerns I’ve had with it thus far:

  • You need a recent-ish build for it to have the appropriate cuda kernels (no big, will be included with 2.71)
  • only 2gb ram, I haven’t run into issues in my work, but it is something that I keep in mind. Usually, the CPU will outperform the GPU on very heavy scenes for me, so I run into that before I run out of ram.

I also have a 560ti, which performs about as fast as the 750ti, but it uses twice the electricity. I went from a 560ti + Quadro 2000 to the 560ti + 750ti. Viewport preview rendering feels much smoother with the 750, and I gained about an 80% speed boost over the Quadro.

For the price, you really can’t beat it.