what do you think about the project of X-Warrior -the-exodus

(eq_guy) #1

Do you think he is to yong to manage a project? Do you think his project is project is too big for him? Do you think he is a good leader? and if he finish is project, do you think is project will be good?

(Timonides) #2

Hi eg_guy!!!

I have a specific opinion, wether X-WARIOR is a talented and skilled person for such tasks… But this is based upon the fact that I’m an “insider”, so I happen to know a few things, “first hand”…

But most people here in elysiun haven’t seen anything yet… So I don’t think that we should ask such questions for the moment… Otherwise their opinion wouldn’t be objective… So I find your post a little bit hasty…

I say, wait till the trailer is ready (hopefully around 1st of January…) so we have something to show to the people and then ask anything you like…


(Alltaken) #3

a comment either way would be inapropriate as this topic is.

there are many people working on it.

(hannibar) #4

What exactly is this exodus project and who is working on it besides X-Warrior. Is there a website with infomation??

(Timonides) #5

a comment either way would be inapropriate as this topic is.

there are many people working on it.

I second to that…

alltaken is right…

hannibar if you want more information about the film project and the team that’s behind this, visit:



(eq_guy) #6

hi skonter
me to I think X-WARIOR is a talented person
I just want to know what the people think about this futur movie
personally, I think this movie will be an very good movie

good luck for your project,
I am impatient to see your trailer


(pofo) #7

Hm… just a glance at the team makes it clear that this is a serious project. Looking forward to the trailer.

  1. pofo

(Ecks) #8

Thank pofo!

And, form what I see, this thread is useless… :-? I hope… :wink:

(Timonides) #9

Well, I’m impatient to see some work from you to… :wink:

Good luck with whatever you’re doing right now and keep blending…

pofo: thanks for your nice comments… it means a lot when they come from someone as talented as you… :wink:


(CubeFan973) #10

I tried joining, but X-Warrior said my character needed more detail. (He didn’t have hands!) He commented that another picture was cool (it was MBLUR, IPOs, and particles mixed into one picture), so I’m wondering if I should try rejoining as “Guy Who Makes Things Explode, Catch On Fire, Or Gush Blood, If Neccesary!”

(Ecks) #11

euh…cubefan…you are sure you sent me a character? I remember I told on my official thread that the team was almost full and that I’ll only accept person with Good Skill. I was not talking to you…maybe send it to me so I can see it :wink: We’ll see…maybe you could help us! :smiley:

(CubeFan973) #12

X-WARRIOR: Good Skills? The character did NOT look that good… the guy didn’t have hands… you know, it was a brown-haired guy with green pants and a blue shirt.

Making things catch on fire is my expertise (or one of them). Explosions seem to be the same thing, just with a couple differences. Gushing blood is something I’ve done once (and not very realistic), but if “The Exodus” is going to be gory, I could try it again. All of those things are particle tricks, so maybe I could be a “Particle Animator.”

I’m probably just going to send you a “thingie,” my not-too-detailed “Peter,” and a couple of stills from my animation, “A Car Bungee Jumping Into A Canyon.” (I’m weird, yes, but hey, it explodes!) Where do I send the e-mail?

(Ecks) #13

sent it to [email protected]

I’ll check it…now I think I remember this peter…but well we need some visual effect artist so…:smiley: maybe you can help us!!! if you join us we will be 22 in the team!!!WOW at first I wasn’t expecting that much… :smiley:

Send it and we will see. :wink:

(Timonides) #14

Wrong… if CubeFan joins us, we’ll be 23!!! In case it matters to anyone here, my “personal” ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) sound engineer D.J. Atha, is going to make us some nice “epic” ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) music for the film… :wink:

BTW… X-W I think we need CubeFan… Enlist him imediately… :wink: