What do you think about this skateboard video?

Let the Good Times Roll

Its a skateboard video I made , with the help of my buddies skateboarding.

I am the person you see do ollie over shopping cart, just so If you think

if I am there

It was way back in College, but now that I got into electric skateboarding it is “current” for me at least

Okay, a few quick points in no particular order:

  • The video should begin with absolute silence (no “background hiss”), and it should begin immediately, with a minimum of credits.
  • “Add the music dead-last.” Many people think that cool music covers a lifetime’s worth of sins. It doesn’t. Don’t use ambient sound, most of the time.
  • Edit this thing unmercifully. “Kill Your Darlings.™”
  • I said: “If you want them to live, kill your darlings!”
  • To clarify: “Yes, there is good footage in here.” But if you edit this thing the way that it now needs to be edited you’re going to cut out more than half of it, and you’ll be “scrubbing” back and forth looking for the exact frame at which to make many, many cuts. (And, uhh, that’s pretty much par for the course.)

Welcome to the editor’s job. :smiley:

Now, one point that they like to make very early on in editing classes (or, online videos) is that the editor determines what the final picture is going to be. (Alfred Hitchcock sagely referred to the process as “assembly.”) Therefore, I invite you to pause and consider: “what do I want [this version of] this video to say, and to what audience?” You could for example use the exact same footage (with appropriate additions) to create any of the following:

  1. The cool adventures of me and my friends.
  2. The reckless dangers posed by skateboard-riding hooligans.
  3. A safety video.
  4. A video demonstrating how “skateboarding” is reckless and dangerous and leads to injuries.

… or, all of them!

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Thank you ! Some good points you say . And yeah the attitude has much to do with this stuff :slight_smile:
I am not sure if I do a redo, making an IOS thingy now. Actually if someone wants to touch up some images to make icons , I could sleep or rest :slight_smile:

The biggest task will be "clip by clip tightening." Squeezing out the fraction-of-a-seconds from each one as you “cut on the action.”

When filming, you need to catch the actor moving into the shot and moving out of it – but when assembling a movie from those shots you want to squeeze all that stuff out. There is definitely a rhythm that you will more-or-less “feel” as you are editing.

I use Final Cut Pro as my video editor which has various tools for “rolling” between shots to find the best split-point. There are also several very good open-source editors like ShotCut. You’ll want to get proficient with these. You have good material here.

The first thing that I always do when reviewing material is to mark all of the potential shots and catalog them so I can locate them quickly. I try to mark “in” points and “out” points as I go along although these are subject to change. Video editing software has built-in tools to do this.

Should I download the work from my youtube channel to re-edit and use Media 100 for editing,
That is what I edited with some 20 years ago. It will kill me to find the dvd, rip with VLC and edit with Blender, however that would not take a loss at quality of pixels. I do not know if the first route would take data loss of image quality data. In the meantime I try to find the DVD…