What do you think Blender's theme tune should be?

I’ve got really musical over the past few months, but the purpose of this thread is simple… What song/tune do you most associate with the open source, powerful, lovable and quirky beast that is Blender?

I’ve been thinking for a while that this one by Fleetwood Mac might be appropriate…

I think something with claps, screams and whistles. :smiley:

I assemble all possible composers on this board!

EDIT: I made this as a joke off of blender. As if the blender foundation were a robotics training facility.

I thought it was already based on a phrase from a pop song… could’ve sworn I read that on elysiun…

I just tried loading a .blend file into Audacity. Strange.

So. I have an idea. I say all of the composers on this forum join together to create blenders theme.
Whatta ya say:D?

I think it should be the “Chips” theme song. Disco motorcycle cops.

Theme song? Why?

If Blender was a swimwear, what temperature should the water have?

lol nice ques. :smiley: Lemme guess… some 1 million deg celcius? Nearly equal to suns outer surface. Oh yeah dont forget some few million atm pressure to keep it in liquid state. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pardon me for this but this is almost involuntary: Water cannot be liquified above 374 degrees celcius, which is its critical temperature.

For the theme song…

How about some song with the title “blender,” that we can’t even understand the lyrics to?

Example, here is what a quick Pandora search yielded…

Thanxx for reminding. I have studied critical temprature enough times but idk why i keep forgotting these things. slaps his head I am sure I am going to screw up all competitive exams next year. ;(

I never knew Blender was named from a song. Thanks for pointing that out. :slight_smile:

I’m on my phone right now, but will check that out later.

No one like the idea of a collaborative theme?

how about an emo guy for blenders next splash screen? :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender wasn’t named for a song that I know of, I just did a search for songs with that name, and that was the best one I found. (Out of three total…)

I mean no one likes the idea of all of us who have compositional talent composing one from scratch?

I’m on my home computer now and the links people have posted are great. :smiley:

…except the ones that actually link the song Blender by Yello… WTF does it mean that I can’t see it in my country because it contains content by UMG??? (I know what it actually means, goddamnit, I just don’t see the point in restricting IP geologically)

I guess it just means that I’m gonna have to pirate the entire back catalogue of Yello and store it permanently rather than just listen to that single tune once online. Counterproductive [email protected]*£^$! (Downloading now :))

I have no compositional talent, but I’ll help if I can. :slight_smile:

Update: Blender by Yello is a pretty good tune. Kinda like Dire Straits meets techno with a dash of surrealism. :smiley:


I in no way promote piracy of any kind which is why I support Blender and other open source software by donations whenever I have the spare money. I also make donations in appreciation of independent music producers.