what do you think guys?

this is my first render

and i did a few more rendering

:cool: xd

wow thats really good, but i think you need to work on your lighting tho

yea i guess so i made it dark to hide the back ground^^

Nice job on those, and welcome to BA. how long have you been blending?

I agree you should do these modals more justice by working on the lighting and materials. just turning on AO or AAO would help a lot.
the wiki is a good place to start. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Tutorials

thx i started blending before the summer but i am still noob in materials mostly
thx for the advice though^^
and what’s AO & AAO (still noob:o)

Ambient Occlusion and Approximate Ambient Occlusion

that should explain it for the most part. heh, but I haven’t read it myself, so you will probably know more then me when your done.
oh and don’t worry about being new to blender, I’m still not very good with it myself, I’ve just had the time to pick up a little more lingo then you have. (been reading these forms for close to a year now)

PS. a quick scan of the page and I didn’t see anything on AAO, all it is is a faster less accurate version of AO.

PPS. a warning though, giving better lighting will show off the sloppy/poor modeling and texturing that is for the most part hidden right now. I figured I’d warn you as it looks/sounds like you were trying to hide that in the first place. never compromise your artistic vision. If you don’t know how to do something ask, at this point in the game chanses are very high that someone will know how to do it. :slight_smile:

Hi Blendkiller

How long has you worked with blender before rendering these pics. I guess its probably ten times better than my first render. I think i could do stuff like this after a year or so…

So keep up the good work

thx ZerQ. iworked a lot like a month before doing that maybe more:D