What do you think is that thing? -UPDATED-

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Hi everyone!
It been some day that I havent post anything because I was working on my animation “the exodus”. But each time I render a part…I was so desesperated (!!!) that I decide to put the project in stand by…
30 minute ago I begin something that I saw on a pic on a site ( :wink: )
I dont think alot of people here know what this is but I start a little contest! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
If someone find what this is before I finish I will give him my model when I finish it! and I dont want answer like: uhmmm…it is a vehicule! or A transportation system. I want a specific answer like: an hovercraft, a boeing 747 etc…

Good luck everyone (and if someone know what this is plz tell me what you think) :smiley:

[/edit]I forgot to said that it was a very early wip. I figure it will take in total 3to 4 hour to make.[edit]

re-edit:sorry hehehe I forgot the put the link: http://xwarriorblender.tripod.com/myblendersite/id6.html

now you will have more chance to find it!

can you give us a hint? Just a little one? Like: It’s a transportation Device, It’s a carrer, it’s a person, it’s a building, it’s a living thing? Just somthing small…But I’ll throw in my guess anyway:

Is it a warrior?

ok here is a hint: It is a transportation device that is utilized in a war…I cant say more

Next uptade will be on the 12 of august so try to find out what this is before I finish…

(I think I will finish before anybody reply lol)

Ooohh…I change my guess! Can we guess multiple things? I am…

Helicopter, Tank, Submarine, Hovercraft (maybe you said it in your message so no one would guess it?), Cruiser, Carrier, Boat, Jeep, Hum-vee, Artilery, Air Planes, B52 Bomber, A-10 Tank Killer :), Apache, BlackHawk, APC, or a truck :slight_smile: They are used in war

uhmmmm…wrong :smiley: how can you think this is an apache? lol

here is another hint: It is not a present war machine. it can be futuristic or past but not present. hehehe

ok once someone will have find the category (i.e. tank, airplane etc.) you will have to find the name of the thing! like if it is a tank then the good answer would be like: M1 abhram (or something like this)

How can I think it is an apache? You didn’t have the link up when I posted :slight_smile: I just randomly guessed a dozen things…lol…Now that I excluded all the obvious present day things…all thats left is crazy things :slight_smile:

I guess a Star Ship, Star Fighter, Recon Ship…Looks spacey…Not sure…Maybe a land speeder?

ok…it could be a hyper modern ultra high res photocamera…or a twinwashing machine, or the sparepart for somekind of space engine…

how close am I?

the land speeder is…not correct! haha

third hint: it is not a space vessel so exclude that category! muahahahha

Hmm…Could you show us a picture of the size of a human compared to this thing? Is it Human Sized or is it a Hulking massive Mile long ship?

and @ce…He said it was a Transportation Device used in war that is either past (doesnt look like past to me!) or future…

hey turbo it could be near past (you dont know what goverment are making :o )

And for the human sized vs “the thing” sized…you will see it on monday 12 of august!!!

hmmm…I’ll give this one more go…It’s a device that transports Explosives in time of war :slight_smile: It’s a missle? Or a train…Or a Plane…or a…hmm…A barge or somthing?

Hey turbo you are…wrong! I thought somepeople will know what is that…yea tomorrow when I post an update I am sure some people will find it…it will be so much easy…so be sure to check the forum tomorrow at 11h am east time…or near that hour! :smiley:

Looks like cool binoculars to me. :slight_smile:


Yep looks like a pair of nightvision binoculars.
(that’s not a vehicle though)

  1. pofo

i thought the same

-----UPDATE #1-----

OK here is a small update so you can find out what this is!


Here is another hint: This wil be in a game that will be publish by a big company!
if you dont know what this is then go on my website and search for indice… http://xwarriorblender.tripod.com

its some sort of futuristic submarine???

its the top off a battlemech, no?
your site has battletech stuff and those two side pieces are like the arms…
it hasn’t any legs tho…so maybe im wrong :-?

Good work marf!!!

Warf have found the category!!! BATTLEMECH!!! it is a wip so it dont have leg at this time…

here is anoter hint! : The name of the game which will have this mech in


if no one find the name of that mech marf will win!

hehe. its Marf… hehe.

Fafnir!! :smiley: