What do you think is the coolest feature in Blender?

I started learning blender about 3 days ago and I think particles are pretty cool. I hear a lot of people talking about cycles (whatever that is), so what do you think?

Blender Sucks.

I’m personally a huge fan of their proprietary, revolutionary “Make Awesome” button. I use it all the time, and I always get great results.

Bge, I mean what other 3d program has a game engine integrated into it.

Sculpting is probably the biggest “wow” to show people that aren’t familiar with 3D. Smoke sim usually impresses too.

I like the mouse. It lets you choose any feature you want.

Blender’ greatest feature is that it is OPEN-SOURCE !! But I like Cycles, Particles, Smokes, Nodes, Bmesh etc etc ! One of the best program ever made !

python scripting

Strangely, the open-source-ness of Blender turns some people in “the industry” away. For my part, I can’t say enough about how powerful open source can be.

I think it’s greatest feature is how flexible it is. I use it for an increasing number of random tasks

  • I do 3d art as a hobby
  • I use it to make diagrams in my professional job (Wifi radiowave simulations)
  • I use it as a random Python console sometimes.
  • I’ve used it to sync some audio + video.

There are not many packages that can do that much random stuff.

I like blenders ridiculously slow fluid simulations. It amazes me and everyone I show when 100 frames of low res fluid take up to 2 days to bake on an i7.

Cycles is GREAT! (A new look at rendering with blender), but I also love the features which the old renderer offers. It’s ridiculous how much is offered in a free program.

Blender’s coolest feature is its coldness - too much dependencies on key shortcuts. You have to have 2 hands to use it. If you happen to lose one hand, you will never be efficient with it ever.

The coolest feature in Blender is the daily updates, there’s no any other 3D app that offers daily updates as Blender does, usually the clients has to wait for an official update that usually takes 1 year or so.

The coolest features in my opinion are dynamic paint and the compositor, BMesh is also awesome.

The Game Engine. :yes:

It’s the Blender community - I could never have learnt what I know without the thousands of great tutorials available.

The Price… The Rigging Tools… NO wait… the ease of modeling… (And now BMesh! wow!) NO wait wait… the sculpt tools… No… Cycles… yah that’s it … it’s gotta be Cycle… well come to think of it it’s the ability to Dynamically link Objects, materials, and data from one file to the next… But then animation tools are the best I have seen and the Video Editor and the Graph Editor and the Node Editor… and the Weight painting is great too! … ummm yah… lets see … that’s what is the THE greatest thing about Blender… :yes::);):spin:

That it’s all in one.
Modeling+rendering+compositing+game engine

+nle. ;D

Don’t forget the video sequence editor. :slight_smile: