What do you think of my website?

I’m still working on my website, I haven’t added everything I want to show you but I’ve added a lot already.

What do you think of my website. I’d like to know what you think of the current style. And the animations:p. Never mind the animations.

Please vote. If you vote it’s crap or that it’s OK, will you please also add a reply containing what’s missing.
I’ll make a list of it.

  1. Too many adds. Pay the $10 for a domain name.

  2. Orange on white = pain

  1. What VK said. A domain name is really very cheap, why put up with ads, even for an amateur site.
  2. The overall design is almost non-existant. There seems to be no theme to tie everything together. This was actually my first impression of the site.
  3. There’s no home button.
  1. Ads? It has no ads.
  2. Yes, the theme is still in production. It’ll stay white and orange but with a better
  3. Why does it need one? You can also view the last news in the news section.

I’m still making an about section.

I’ll think about what you said while building the rest of the website.

  • AniCator

Thanks for the comments so far.

Home button – you GOTTA have a home button/link!

Not that focused. Like the other people said - spend some money and get some dedicated space

Subtle , Yet, somehow BOLD and Sexy!

Best viewed at a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels. Also 1024x768 is good. But 1280x1024 is better!

Bad, bad, bad. hits with rolled up newspaper DO NOT FORCE THE USER INTO A RESOLUTION.

Make the layout flow, use css to allow people to resize their browsers. Don’t use frames. At the very least use absolute sizes for things that need to be a certain width.

When I went to the news page, I couldn’t go back. No history navigation makes Ian a sad panda. (on the .tk site)

  1. Ads? It has no ads.

www.anicator.tk? Yeah, it does.
http://anicator.awardspace.com/ doesn’t

If you want people to go to the second, put a sodding link in your post. I only found .tk because I checked your profile and the awardspace one because I checked the source. Not everyone has signatures enabled.

That’s why you need a home button.

Also people expect one, so you have to put one there. A website should be intuitive, and require no thought to use.

.TK isn’t used anymore.
I’ll remove the resolution thing. I’ve added it last week so that was a bad choice.
I’m busy with the Home button atm, it’ll be a .GIF animation. Are there browser that don’t support .GIF?
I don’t have money for a domain + webspace. I’m still 15 years old. I’m still trying to get a vacation job.

Thanks again for all the comments,

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If its going to stay white and orange, could you at leastmake it a darker orange, cuz im havin real trouble reading it…:spin:

Oh yeah, and with a better what? :eyebrowlift2:

My only other crit would be the fact that you have a gallery section and yet you have two animations you’ve made outside of it in the main menu. :confused:

Hope that helps! :smiley:

I am a pretty experienced web designer (just a note).

  1. Get rid of frames. That is an absolute must. Use a good editor so you can change your template throughout all the pages easily.
  2. Darken the orange, or put it on a black backgroud. I can’t read it.
  3. Make it depend on no round resolutions. I can tell you are not a mac user by your wording. Mac users don’t have their browser windows at any given resolution. They are simply the size they need to be. So your page looks pretty bad, with the images at the left being cut off.
  4. learn to spell “Nightmares”
  5. Get rid of gif animations in all their many forms. Including that blue guy on the right.

That’s all for now.


Thanks again for the comments.
I’m having some issues with the navigation images at the moment so don’t mind those.
The FantaCratia link doesn’t lead to the “Under Construction” page anymore.
Although it doesn’t contain a lot yet. I’m currently busy with the main website after that I’ll work on the FantaCratia website.

Why would I have to remove my .GIF files. I don’t have a Flash editor to insert small animations.

  • AniCator

Too many things moving around on a site that already looks too busy.

I can see your point. I’ll make a still of Storm (the cyan guy).
The navigation images have been fixed, although they are a bit too white.

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It looks good, but a small tip, you might want to put thumbnails instead of full size images…

I’ve had a lot of trouble with making a choice between tumbnails and full size images. I’ll make my own tumbnails for the people that are using a low resolution. I won’t use the ones of ImageShack. They are too small.
Thanks for your comment.

The website has been re-updated with no longer the moving character on the homepage and I’ve added a copyright message. All the work is mine! Lol…

What do you think of the website now? I’ll add tumbnails in the next version.

Thanks again for all the attention.

  • AniCator

Ah! So much easier on the eyes now!

I noticed my father has a problem. He isn’t able to view the .PNG alpha layers, at least he can’t view them well. The background of the images is grey/white.
I hope that others aren’t experiencing this problem too. I’ll try to re-render the images with black backgrounds and without alpha layers.