What do you think of this character?

Hello everything!

so, I’m trying to create a semi realistic character for animation , but i am never happy with it. After tweaking it for hours and days i decided to ask for help! not sure if i am being over critic about it but the character looks very diferent from what i imagined. it is supposed to be a male but it looks like a female to me , its supposed be hispanic/caucasian but looks kinda asian? i’m never happy with my results, can you give me any tip? what do you think of my character? btw which view is better to model human face? ortho or perspective 35.000 lens

You have posted this thread in the wrong location. It would be better off to either place it in the Work in Progress section or in the Focused Critque section. In addition, it would be better if you find references on the facial attributes of the ethncity you are looking for. Then model off of that.

For me it looks like a man but in any case if you want to give it more masculine appearance unless it goes against the cartoon style you are looking for you can enlarge the jaw, also if it is a cartoon style maybe it will help you to draw a sketch even if you are not good cartoonist, anything else I tell you is anatomical but being cartoon style it wouldn’t make sense to see it as a mistake
You can also look for ready-made animations of styles that look like what you imagine