What do you think of this garden?

Hi, I’m new to using Blender, I would like to know your opinion about this image and tips to improve it.

Thank you


It looks good, almost photo realistic.

I think the moss on the steps look a bit unnatural, why is there moss on the steps but the rocks right next to them are sparkly clean? Work on the texture of the steps, add small imperfections and tone down the moss so it mostly fills cracks and crevices on the steps.

You have some grass going though the second top step, a plant is clipping though the rock to the right of the bottom step.

Overall, good work on the plants, you can see some repetition if you look closely and the clipping is barely noticeable. The rocks look a bit too clean but nothing too unnatural. The steps need work and should be your main focus, some dirt buildup near the bottom of the steps can also make them look more natural (check the bottom left of the bottom step)

Thank you very much for the comment, I will make these adjustments

Pretty good.

What do you think of this self portrait?


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it’s okay :slightly_smiling_face:

Looks REALLY good! Apart from the steps, it looks like a photo.
Like someone else said, work on the texture and detailing of the steps.

Very nice image. For me it has a little bit cartoon look, I dont know why.

Im courious: how long have you been using blender?

thanks for the reply, week and a half but I couldn’t get back to work on the scene

Wow! Less than two weeks with Blender and such image. You start in master level.


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Great job! I agree with the comment about the moss on the steps and imperfections to be added. I guess besides that my only suggestion would be to have to chairs and table? more visible so there is more of a focus point on the image.

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Tremendous work. My first thought though was, …“Whose gonna do all the gardening upkeep?!”…

I like the variety of plants and how you “blended” (blended-get it?) the plants in the garden. Looks entirely real.

OUTSTANDING OUTDOOR LIGHTING. Would you maybe describe how you achieved it?

Wow! This looks really awesome! I think just a little bit of post-production work in Photoshop would be an easy fix to make the stones look dirtier or less perfect, which might be quicker than doing this in Blender.
The only thing that actually bugs me is the stacked stone wall - no way would rounded stones be stacked that way without being embedded in mortar. I would either replace with more square or rectangular stone block, or remove completely. They don’t seem to be retaining any earth, so almost do not serve any purpose along the edge of the steps. I do like how you used them in the foreground as a plant bed edge. Overall, very good work and the plant models you used are nice.