What do you think of what I have so far?


Personally, i have no idea what’s going on here.
Some flying thingies fly arround…

the animation isn’t bad…
How high poly are those… things?

lol, looks good! i found it really funny, what with the music and what was going on… :smiley:

@FreeMind - well, to me they looks like droids, or robots…they resemble Eve in Wall-E :slight_smile:

pretty cool, droid15 :smiley:

Is that a sequel to Wall-E?

The first thing that I did, as I always do, was to turn the soundtrack off.

Do the same thing. Then, decide.

The music actually was not meant to have any correlation to the video whatsoever it was randomly chosen from the team fortress 2 soundtrack…

It was a sandbox for a game I am making that I messed around with and made a nice animation,Anyways I need a good storyline to go with it. any Idea’s?