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(Ecks) #1

I begin a new project base on Mech warrior/Battletech. A madcat (Timberwolf) will run after a vulture (mad dog) in a dark high tech city. At the end the vulture will arrived in a deadend and the madcat will fire everything he have on him. So waht do you think of my madcat?


Please post your comment or your suggestion on what to add or change.
Thank you.

(shibbydude) #2

Good job. I used to play MW3 for a while but then it got old blowing stuff up over and over. Madcat was my favorite, so again, good job!

(Millhouse) #3

I love the model!! one thing i could suggest it may take up alot more render time but maybe an env map of the armour to give it a bit more depth then it would be excellent, my favorite mech is the stalker not in mw3 or 4 :frowning: but it was brill standard config was all you needed and you canot alpha strike it nukes instantly!!! i’m makin a model of it for my movie its one of 20 mechs in a full scale war.

(Ecks) #4

I update my site and I put an image of my raven (Yes I had difficulty with my vulture so I import a raven that I make a few month ago)(I make an envmap for the window):


on my site you can see my tentative to make the cover of the box of MechWarrior 2! (It doesn’t look like the real but…)
Comment are welcome!

(valarking) #5

very good