What Do You Think ? sAD? CRAP?

Hi guys i know nothing about how to make back ground songs for blender,but recently i tried .

I ve made two music riffs , please have a listen to them and tell me what you think about them . Dont hold back all comments welcome

For some reason they sound sad to me?:spin:

GOOD ,BUT Ill remix it ,and post a better version just to show you what you missed

Why did you put up, “CRAPPY ,SO STOP MAKING MUSIC” as an option? Are you purposely trying to get people to bring you down? Don’t think that your work can’t be better with more practice…

Computers hand us both “professional tools” and “not-so professional tools,” but they do not make it easy to create the high-quality stuff that we hear on the radio every day. That requires a lot more research (as to how the magic is actually done), and a lot of practice. Just as is true with making good art with Blender, or creating a good video game.

With regard to music … sure, the computer can help to remove a lot of the need for manual dexterity and hand/eye coordination, but you still must master the art of observation … of studying what you have made, figuring out what exactly is good and not-good about it, and analysis, determining what specifically must be done to it to make it better.

All of “the arts,” I think, follow a general pattern of “stepwise refinement.” Or as they say, “Writing = ReWriting.”

Are you playing this by hand?
Some parts seem to be out of tempo.

Use a midi editor, change the drum samples.

The first one sounds awful. The instruments you used are annoying and unmusical. There also seams to be numerous tempo problems, which doesn’t make much sense if you used a computer to make these. I would change the main instruments to something more pleasant.

The second song sounds fine except for the bass instrument. But it’s much nicer on my ears. I like the layering of the instruments, it has a sort of mythical yet somewhat modern feel to it. But I wouldn’t it sad sounding. It’s more emotionally neutral.

Those are my unheldback comments! Keep up making music!

Don’t set yourself up for failure. I’ve heard better but I have also heard worse. It’s a good start for background music. I would say this is an good example of semi-pro stuff. Almost there, but not quite.

It’s not John Williams or Danny Elfman, but even the greats had to start out somewhere.