What Do You Think The Best Blender Game To Make Is?

Hey guys just a random thread, what do you guys think the best type of game to make is on BLENDER

It’s up to you to make the game - whatever game you’re most likely to finish is probably the best one to make - I’ve started many, many game projects over the course of my life, and haven’t really finished any, mostly because they were generic, or because they were too big for my attention span at the time.

Blender can handle any game type well, but certain games have been made a million times (FPS, RPG, and Puzzle games come to mind for me, though that’s just my personal opinion).

EDIT: You know what? RPG games aren’t made in a huge amount - just good ones are pretty few and far between.

Yeah I agree I was going to put mmorpg as a joke haha

I think FPS are good to make because you can learn so much from them. They have been done half, neigh, twice to death, but when making them, you learn alot;
some complex logic/scripting can be involved, especially with the gun.
you can learn, by necessity, better texturing techniques - everything needs to look good in such a frustrating scale.
animations need to be top notch - unlike mine - no cop-outs.

That is true for all genres though, it depends on your own level of skill; some (most) of my first projects sucked eggs, but more because my level than the actual concepts.

I mentioned this because in this thread FPS will - rightly so - recieve so much grief for being made by almost every user at some stage, with no consideration, perhaps, of how much you can learn from them because the perspective forces a better quality to be required.

Of the above though, I’d say adventure/arcade, as they have an awesome blend (no pun intended) of complexity mixed with playability. Your challenges there would probably be finding a set-up you want - sidescrolller, sandbox, linear levels, etc - and finding a graphic style - clean, sterile environment, or a grungy, everything-get’s-dirty-at-some-stage style, and everything in between to work with. Plus, everybody loves a platformer! right? (I suck at platformers because I haven’t a toony enough imagination to make the grade with the graphics).

NOTE: perhaps a car game, as bullet physics - and the vehicle wrapper - were originally intended for this? :smiley:

Which one do you think you can complete without any scripting?

You can do anything without scripting, but you’d have to ditch features - for the FPS , you can make it with no scripting, and good performance, if you drop certain features, and others may become less efficient, for example, you can make a switch weapon using pure logic bricks, but it can be quite intensive and creates horrible dependencies (where you link objects logic, this make duplication, etc, quite risky).

FPS - you could use a template - many exist.
driving - again, templates exist for the main features, and the scripting is done in these
platformer - you can do these with only logic, but you may wish to do some advanced feature that may need scripting so you’d have to drop them (or come up with a hack).

As others recommended, FPS is the way to go if you wana learn alot. Other then that, it all comes down to your ambition and skill level.

I voted RPG, I would love to see some decent RPG’s made in Blender. Maybe there already are some, but I haven’t heard of them yet.

Isn’t Krum RPG?
And elpis.

Well, yes, I think, I’m not 100% sure. It has a bit of an ‘adventure’ game more than an RPG for as far as I know (Krum). Yes, those are 2 awsome projects you name there, but they are not finished yet. Unlike most game projects here, I do believe those 2 will succeed.

I’ve voted FPS on the basis that its, as mentioned above, a great way to learn how to use the BGE and use techniques that may be implemented in further projects. If you could have more than one choice I would probably put ‘adventure’ due solely to the excellence of side-scrolling adventure games seen made with Blender, maybe its just a coincidence that great game-makers choose side-scrollers but in general they all fail to disappoint.

Where’s the all of them option?

I really don’t think there is a best type of game to make with Blender. Wherever you’re moving a cube across a plane with logic bricks or building the next Morrowind you’re always going to be learning. It’s about picking a project that suits your ability and learning requirements. I think people start with FPS because they don’t have the complexities of an RGP or RTS game nor the delicate camera requirements of a third person game (a bad camera can ruin even the best 3rd person game) or heavy animation component that comes with being able to see the main character. Finally, while something simpler might serve as better learning project to begin with I think FPS games satisfy that desire in indie developers to make modern games, of which the FPS is a prominent style. Whatever game you choose to make you’ll always learn something new to bring to future games.

The great thing about the BGE is that it is not geared to any one style of game, which is why I did not vote for any of the options. The ‘best’ game to make with the BGE all depends on the game designer and what they come up with. The Unreal engine is a fantastic engine, but it’s unlikely that anyone would use it to make arcade style games, or a sprite based 2D scroller, the pygame library would be a lot more suited to it. The Unreal engine is better at 1st person/3rd person action games, pygame can’t handle these. The BGE can do the lot.

Quite simply I believe the best game to make with Blender is the best game that you can make.

Nice summary by battery!

All of the above.
Blender is the most versatile tool I’ve ever worked with. Whenever someone says something is impossible, some egghead makes it work anyway.
That is what I love about Blender, it just really thaws my heart :slight_smile:

Yeah fps is a great learning experience. I like Ardcade though