What do you think?

What do you think that the easiest way of modelling a car would be? I know some people who used a cuboids, that where subdivided.

But I would like to know what you think?


well that’d depend on what you prefer. I know I don’t like using subdivised cube to model thinks like that. I prefer using splines and nurb surface to have nice curves, model the car piece by piece, and convert to mesh to do the final adjustements.

Thats what method I used, but it didnt turn out correctly, But i suppose practice makes perfect with Surface Nurb Curves. :wink:

Yeah well that can be tricky, but if you prefer working with meshes, it’s just a matter of using a low res nurb surface to have the basics rights. Then you convert it to mesh to fine tune. Modelling it entirely with splines or nurbs is pretty difficult imo.

Im going to use both techniques, Im going to do two versions of a Mitsubushi Lancer Evo, and Ill upload them here, and let you decide which is best :wink: