What do you think ?

Baked at 500 res rendered with yaf a ray.
Less than a tenth of the whole thing,
all 1200 frames are animated(this clip is a very small portion) but 2 weeks of work or so will finish it.

Actually I couldn’t say if it’s ok or not, it all happens so fast, I didn’t even notice the brick or whatever it is falling on his head the first time. The water looks ok but I don’t think the white background helps and the camera is maybe too far to see the result of the baking. I’ll wait for an extended version :slight_smile:

Thanks for the input.
Yea there is a full background i modeled and everything,
it makes the render time pretty long.(at 10 minute a frame I need to be sure it’s going to be good)
Thanks for commenting,
I’ll finish the whole thing then post it up.