What do you think??

My eyes were recently opened to the truth of life, I wanted to be an animator. You know live the dream of having fun and getting paid really well, but one blender user opened my eyes and said it s not really like that.

“But by and large, if you want to make money, then don’t be an animator. Don’t be an artist at all. Artists do not make money. Yeah, some of them make it big and get to start their own massive website or end up designing the bad-guys for the big sci-fi movies and stuff. Those guys make up about 1% of all the artists currently working, and all of the currently working artists probably make up about 5% of the total number of artists competing for jobs. It’s not really the sort of career you get into to make money with. A lot of artists actually hold down other types of careers and just do art jobs on the side as freelancers. That’s probably the smartest way to go about it, and I’ve been considering doing something like that myself, since I already have a job outside the art field.”

Before i got started in all of the cg,blender, and animation i wanted to do something involving computers. something high paying.Any ideas

(I will never give up animating though i probably freelance just for the fun of it on my spare time

If you want to make money with computing, I would either suggest something involving programming, systems management, or networking. Those aren’t typically the types of jobs that get cut during a recession, since the backbone of a company is usually technological.

You can always freelance and make some extra money to add on top of a solid career paycheck.

cool thanks, I found somthing interesting what is a Computer and Information Scientists, and what do they do. any good sites for some research

Many moons ago I was interested in IT . . . so I’s went up to this school and asked what I do for a guaranteed job in IT. He was teaching Oracle Financials so sold me the idea. I’s did it (after paying a mega fee for the course). And I’s never got a job in Oracle Financial although the certificate looks good on me resume…A good lesson learnt!
I’s still interested in IT although only on a personal hobby level.
I’s go lookin’ on the jobs section for more IT relate stuff nows.

One thing you might do is use Monster.com to find available jobs in IT (Information Technology). Many of those listings have job descriptions, so you should be able to get a good idea of different job roles.

Computer Scientists typically use more math, and they often times deal with the core fundamentals of the computing experience. Many of those people design processors, video cards, and other hardware.

You will be infinitely more successful doing what you love.

I really want to work in the game industry

You can want and not get …

Do yall think if i became a lwayer, would i have time to do freelance animation work

It depends on how many cases you get.

thats the thing to consider

If you become a lawyer I’m sure you will have TONS of free time to do animation work!:wink:

You seem to have missed the most important comment left here:

Find something that you enjoy most and love to spend all day doing. Dont look at it from a money perspective, even if someone tells you straight out there isn’t much money involved.

And dont be so easily influenced by the opinions of one person, sure they have several good points, but its not worth changing your entire direction in life because of it.

Listen to other peoples opinions of course and take note of them, but in the end you must make up your own mind, based on those other opinions or not.

Of course this is all just my own opinion on the matter… :wink:

if you’re asking SO MANY questions about 3d art, it’s probably a sign that you should either abandon it or keep it as a hobby…

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…or learn how to find interesting and intriguing articles on your own on this magical thing called the internet.

Here, the first hit is free.

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