What do you use Blender for?

I’m hoping to make illustrations for sale as stock images by rendering stills of 3D scenes. It gives me a reason to keep working at it. I’m wondering what other people are doing or working towards with Blender.

I use blender for a range of diffrent things.

At work i use it mainly for modeling and texturing (Low poly, high poly, sculpting, texture painting, texture baking, light map baking) and at home i use it for the same things, with the addition of animation/ rigging/ dynamics, I’m working on a few short films some made entirley with blender, others a mixture of blender and renderman (Aqsis).

I also use it sometimes for simple 2D image editing.

I’m illustrating different kind of study books. It does not pay, but gives hope for future.

Working on an artist’s concept where short movies will take a determinant space.

I’m currently using it to create smoke signals.

I use it to make online generators for putting people’s photos into templates.

You know, Margaritas, smoothies, pesto when it is season…

designing and developing the animations for a sprite-based game.

At the moment I’m using it for rapid generating prototype-like illustrations for game concepts.

I like programming, so I use the GE as a way of keeping programming fun. Apart from that I like to mess around with particles.

At a commercial studio it is indispensable, at least here in Brazil and particularly for me.

  1. Technical illustrations for Standard Operating Procedures in my laboratory and for marketing materials

  2. Personal artistic expression

3D game pipeline, plus 2D sprites…

Speaking of which, iPhone/iPod Touch users, go buy Townrs Defender! (Link goes to itunes store)


Texturing and rendering executive furniture - essentially rapid prototyping furniture. Using animation to create exploded views of furniture so that workers in the field can watch a little .avi and know how to assemble said furniture.

I can model almost anything in Solidowrks 2008, I have been using it for about 3.5 years.

Right now I am doing about 20 stills of single products, and 2 scenes that include all products which are huge scenes, 180Mb and counting. These scenes that include laptops and power distribution throughout.

Hacking C.I.A. database ):x-

making 3d animations, model texture render etc, for advertisement, presentations, stills or moving, mainly watchmakers but also industrial companies. its our 3d tool in a pipeline (mix of opensource and proprietary)

I checked out your signature link. Wow… your work is fantastic…

Tests, tests, tests…

Fort Ash

  • Making next-gen retro game models for Doom, Heretic and Duke Nukem 3D.
  • Brushing up my modeling skills/portfolio doing CGSociety comps.
  • In my previous job I made models of MP3 players and flash animations in Blender.
  • Figuring out how to get into CG full time so I don’t have to ever pick up a phone again.

Perversely, one of the main reasons I got into 3D in the first place was that I wanted to make my own 3D Pixar-style movie. I can’t put this on my list of what I use Blender for as I haven’t actually started animating anything yet! I kind of got side-tracking into modeling and have done barely any animation. Must do something about that.

At work I currently use it for image distortion and processing and creating still images of stars and planets. I also use it for some animation and compositing.