What do you want for Christmas? (cough cough SANTA cough)

(CubeFan973) #1
  1. Head (Monkees movie about absolutely nothing!)

  2. The Prisoner (it has the keyword “Kafkaesque,” so it seems similar to “Cube”)

  3. Celebrate by Triple Image (teenage pop–they’re rather pretty for 11-year olds, and they sing well. Shut up and don’t flame me about my taste in music :stuck_out_tongue: )

  4. Waking Life (philosophy time, all the time)

  5. Moulin Rouge! (yeah, it really has an exclamation–quit saying it’s a chick flick, there’s a musical there too)

  6. Clerks UNCENSORED (saw 2/3 of the series on videotape today–I haven’t seen one episode, more than enough reason to get it)

  7. Pi (mathematics-color+(6x6x6=216)+paranoia=cool film)

  8. Sunset Blvd. (the greatest film-noir ever. Technically, it isn’t, though, so my next one is…)

  9. Double Indemnity (don’t see it while considering buying insurance :smiley: )

  10. Back To The Future Trilogy (the 2nd especially–padardoxes! Mmm–though the 2nd and 3rd have some bug and need to be recalled)

  11. Minority Report (wasn’t a classic, but quite a mind-bender)

  12. Talent in Python (or just another book on Python, geared for beginners)

  13. A blank spot on this list (a fairy, just like last time!)

  14. For the list to end already

  15. School to be out for summer (early)

(CubeFan973) #2

Oh, and yes, I do know there’s no Santa. Just being weird.

(IMProvisar) #3

To anyone other than myself (because I voted for high-tech console), I’ve got a suggestion. All those other things are great, but I learned a long time ago when I asked Santa for a 3-wheeler (shows my age a bit… they’ve been banned for a while now… today’s kid that wants an ATV would ask for a 4-wheeler), but I learned that you should only ask Santa for things your parents could give you… so stopping CubeFan from posting, World Peace, and unlimited Lolipops and Coke are not good things to ask Santa for… but good luck anyway… especially you World Peace folks. :slight_smile: