What do you want to see?

does anyone know how to get the toy look?

IE: what are some ways to achieve it?
what are the best points for the camera (where its positioned, orthographic or perspective?range?)?
kind of textures? Glossy, candy like or *soft caremel like, you get the point
*(speaking in terms of how the texture looks specularly, whether its hard or soft specular, range of shadows ETC)

basically, what do you look for in a good render of a toy? what would be the feel you would like?

i figured this might be good to ask, basically this is my pre setup
Im going to do a ‘toy’ village of wintery houses, i thought it might be cool from a perspective point of view, with soft light fake stuff for the snow, or having it look pretty real but with cartoony edges.

Im unsure how to prepare for this, so I tried to think of the basic questions and just ask them, to see what viewers want to see.

that question has a way too wide span to answer definitely.
What kind of toy?
Wooden? Plastic? Plush? Metallic?

Regarding the artistic artstyle it’s really up to you. Do you want to have it photoreal or cartoony?
Cartoony is easier in the sense that you don’t need nearly as many details to make the scene convincing.

orthographic vs perspective: Definitely perspective. To get the toy feel, choose a relatively high camera and maybe shift the image plane down afterwards. Also add strong lens blur in the compositor.

Furthermore, what kind of scene should it be emotionally. Shall the toys look new and flashing? (bright colors) Or shall they be “worn” and dull?

I guess, my answer is your questions.
You might want to just go for it and wait for critiques after a first try. That will lead to a more settled path.

I suppose photo real with a toy house *gingerbread house?) kind of feel, like that? like top view of a photorealistic house, but it looks like a toy? also the scene will be dark, but not dark as in lighting dark as in the time of day, because there will be plenty of glowing lights and such

also they might be wooden with fake metal?