What do you want?

Hi guys, I was wondering if there were add-ons or scripts you guys would like to be written for Blender? I know it sounds kind of spammy but I actually want to know.

I would like an add-on that changes the default material (a diffuse shader) to a custom node group. That would be very handy for me

To do what specifically?

So when you make a new material, it is automatically a white diffuse shader. If that could be changed so it automatically selects a node group, that would shave a bit of time off my material making.

You might want to check here: https://rightclickselect.com/p/
They are all suggestions made by blender users.

i like a plugin to design tensile membrane like this video:

When disney shader is in you can hit Shift S to swap it out for a disney shader, and maybe this one will have diffuse+glossy via fresnel as a default initial setup.

There is one I miss related to texture painting, the ability to mesh deform or warp a texture layer while painting, is something you can do in Mari, and no matter if it’s not done exactly the same way, but the thing is that when you are projecting something, let’s say for photogrammetry, being able to deform your layer without affecting other layers is something really awesome.


IT would be nice to re arrange uvs and to have the ability for the textures to move position when you hit update… so textures are editd to the new positions…

Split a mesh or subdivide a mesh with the uv border in the uv/image editor. Say you scale your model uvs to match texel density or you scale it to a point it occupies say 6 uv squares, you can split the mesh or subdivide it by the number of uv squares it occupies and the uvs are split into different islands as well.

I put a little something together for you. In the panel to right, if default is not checked in addon preferences, you then will have an option to select a node group from panel.

Of course right now I only got it working for cycles.


That’s great, thank you! Where can I download?

I posted a thread right here https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?416967-AddOn-Add-Node-Group-Material&p=3158219#post3158219 I haven’t attached the file yet ,cause I’m doing some tweaking to it. Keep an eye on it.

I want to be able to generate the material needed for a staircase string like in the picture bellow. If somebody know an algorithm that help calculating the needed material for this shape, please share.

NURBS finally basic NURBS tools also in Belnder
and a subD to nurbs

MOI is a great example

Here is what we need, particle instances and particle collisions. Here’s what we might want, ability to offset particle animations.

What do you want?

She’s a Big One. Thanks for asking…

I would love to see a terrain/surface mapping tool/engine.
Nodes confuse me. :o

Sort of Vue/unity/terragen.

i’d like to have walk animations a person using standard rigify, be able to follow a path.
With maybe also some other options (ea free walk but avoid colission with other figures, to emulate street walking).

BTW i am learning python (i know other languages but i’m new to python),
So i’m willing to write it together, but final addon should be free in same spirit of blender itself.

The reason, i think it could contribute to let others (and me) make some animations movies with blender.
I love CG channels at youtube and thus love more animators using blender :wink:

This might sound a bit weird, but i would have loved if the dopesheet had layers to separate keyframes (extremes, breakdowns, jitter,etc) i know we already have types of keyframe color to differentiate them in blender which is already in the timeline (and also the include channels buttons in the dopesheet), but i’d love if i can just isolate a set of keyframes to a layer and tweak if am animating a character or a model.

They told me that if you can’t paint you can’t make 3D art. So I started a half year ago to paint and figured out some interesting things.
We learned that the primary colours are RGB, and when working with light that is true, but not for painting. For painting we should use YMCK. But that is not the problem. We can use those colours in blender and use multiply I believe instead of Mix.
Now I come to the point; When we mix in real life with paint, when the paint is wet, it will mix (multiply, smudge, mingle). In blender this is not happening. The colours are not interacting with each other. Well, we can use the smudge tool afterwards but that doesn’t give the feeling of painting. I know it must be possible, because on my android phone I tried out tens of apps, and there was only one app doing this correctly. Right now the default settings in Blender for painting are quite terrible as well, but we can adjust that. The only thing we need is a smudge, mingle function while painting. (I stopped painting a few months ago, so unfortunately I cannot describe that detailed what I want at the moment as then.) So adding a smudge property for that paint brush, is I think what is needed.

Oh yes, there could be quite some properties like: when making a stroke with a brush quite some things happen, the first part of the stroke will dry up slower, than the last part of the stroke, causing the paint less to mingle, etc. Well, If you want more details I can figure it out what happens exactly, but I cannot code.