what do you...?

the question is simple. . for a newbee in this forum,

what do you post and were in this forum to get “points” to be able to post blender renders???

you have to get a certain number of posts…

and what do you post about, a trick, a question. . something like this one?

Are you talking about “your post will be invisible until moderator approval” thing?

exactly, im following this threat


exactly im folowing this thread, you have to put the http because the system dont let me do it

Im following this thread, i cant post url sorry

Support > Website & Forum
Not a noob friendly website??


im folowing a post in the “website and forum” called not a noob friendly site

Is your avatar from Full Metal Alchemist.

It does seem fairly unfriendly, doesn’t it? Luckily, I joined before they employed all these measures against spam. Even with all this, the amount of spam and trolls is still rising.

it is much better than before though…oh god…all those shoes…shutters

I think so, oh, great show! http://kendhin.890m.com/emoticon/senang.gif

Ya it was.

yes, it is, but is not a blenderender, if you want to see the render send me an PM