What does account suuspended mean?

Whenever I try to go to the site http://www.blender-games.com It says “This Account Has been Suspened” What does that mean?

I get the same message hmmm…

i tried http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/

and it shows it as being up, so im not really sure what the problem is.

downforeveryoneorjustme just tests, if there is a page to be opened, or if you get a 404 or a time out error…
and since there is a page which says “This Account has been suspended”, of course it says, the page is online…

normally “This Account has been suspended” means, the owner didn’t pay his fee, and so the server provider shut the page down.

Oh ok thx I was wondering If it was just me.

If you know that you didn’t do anything “wrong,” then the best thing to do is to just write it off to “sunspots.” Wait a day or so; play somewhere else. If the problem persists, contact the site owner.

(Believe it or not, if it’s an ISP billing problem, the site owner might not even be aware that a problem exists.)

I also got the same message