what does "could not order Loop" mean?

I have a shape, a 5-sided pyramid, made from a cone, with no bottom face.

in 2.5, I simply can’t make a loop cut on it, but in 2.49b, I get a warning saying “could not order loop.”

what is this telling me about my shape?

something about it prevents loop cutting? if so, what is that?



Because you don’t have an edge loop around the cone. You need quads to have a loop, these are triangles.
Select the upright edges, W / subdivide then Ctrl+E / Edge slide to mimic the functionality of the edge loop tool.

thank you…while the first part of that, the second part does nothing…I can get Edge Slide in the menu, but nothing happens afterward…

are you saying that I ought to be able to slide that thing where I want it to be?

Demo http://www.screencast.com/users/blenderwho/folders/Jing/media/c1086513-f1df-47a0-a645-2009d066b62c

OK…perfectly clear…

what I didnt’ get or assume was to select the resulting edges after the subdivide move.

thank you for posting that!